Paramount adds 6.3 million global streaming subscribers in 1Q 2022

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 
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NEW YORK — Paramount Global (NASDAQ: PARA, PARAA) today announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2022.

Direct-To-Consumer – Q1 Highlights

Global streaming subscribers rose to more than 62M, adding 6.3M total subscribers in the quarter.

  • Subscriber additions were driven by Paramount+, which added 6.8M subscribers in the quarter, bringing Paramount+ total subscribers to almost 40M.
  • Other DTC services subscribers declined, primarily due to timing of new programming.

During the quarter, diverse content on Paramount+ drove strong global consumption, acquisition and engagement.

  • Average titles consumed and hours per active sub improved quarter-overquarter across all demos highlighting improved engagement, content exploration and diversification.
  • Domestically, Paramount+ saw strong engagement and consumption from a variety of content, including Halo, 1883, Star Trek Picard, live events and the NFL.
  • Internationally, Acapulco Shore was a top acquisition and engagement driver for the service.

Pluto TV grew global Monthly Active Users (MAUs) to nearly 68M.

  • Pluto TV gained broad distribution on T-Mobile via T-Mobile Tuesdays, giving customers exclusive access to new content and original series.
  • Grew total global viewing hours by double digits year-over-year.
  • Launched over 102 new channels internationally, totaling more than 1,000 global channels.

Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Subscribers and Monthly Active Users (1)
(unaudited; in millions)

                         12 Months                                              12 Months   Quarter
                             Ended                               Quarter Ended      Ended     Ended
                         ---------  ------------------------------------------  ---------  ---------
                          12/31/20    3/31/21    6/30/21    9/30/21   12/31/21   12/31/21    3/31/22
                         ---------  ---------  ---------  ---------  ---------  ---------  ---------
Paramount+ (Global)
 Subscribers                  11.7       16.5       21.4       25.5       32.8       32.8       39.6
 Revenues                     $627       $236       $305       $363       $443     $1,347       $585

Pluto TV (Global)
 MAUs                         43.1       49.5       52.3       54.4       64.4       64.4       67.5
 Revenues                     $562       $167       $241       $289       $362     $1,059       $253

Global Direct-to-Consumer Streaming
 Subscribers (2)              29.9       35.9       42.4       46.7       56.1       56.1       62.4

1. Direct-to-consumer streaming subscribers include customers with access to our domestic or international direct-to-consumer services, either directly through our owned and operated apps and websites, or through third-party distributors. Our subscribers include paid subscriptions and those customers registered in a free trial, and subscribers are considered unique to each of our services, whether offered individually or as part of a bundle. The Monthly Active Users (“MAUs”) count reflects the number of unique devices interacting with the Pluto TV service in a calendar month, and for the periods above reflects the MAU count for the last month of the applicable period.
2. Includes subscribers for Paramount+, Showtime OTT and all other direct-to-consumer subscription streaming services.

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