Fetch TV rolls out Mighty Gen 4 personal video recorder

Monday, May 2nd, 2022 
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Fetch unveils new Mighty PVR

SYDNEY — Fetch TV has begun rolling out its latest Set-Top-Box (STB), the Mighty Gen 4 Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

The Mighty Gen 4 PVR is powered by the latest in chipset and Wi-Fi technology, and represents an upgrade to the very popular Mighty Gen 3 PVR. Fetch also upgraded its puck offering with the introduction of the Mini 4K late last year. The prior versions of the Mighty and Mini were introduced in 2016.

Fetch TV Mighty Gen 4

Scott Lorson, CEO Fetch TV, said “Fetch is committed to maintaining our position as the leading Australian aggregation platform, and to delivering on our brand promise of ‘All your entertainment, easy’. We continue to add to our content offering, including the recent addition of Disney+.

Fetch is proud to announce the introduction of the Mighty Gen 4 PVR. Innovation is in our DNA, and we continue to leverage technology advances to enhance the user experience and future proof the Fetch hardware offering. If the early reviews are anything to go by, the Mighty Gen 4 PVR will be a clear market leader.”

Adam Turner, The Gadget Guy, says “If you’re after a Personal Video Recorder, then the Fetch TV Mighty is by far the best option in Australia.”

Trevor Long, EFTM, says “The Fetch Gen 4 Mighty is the single best all round home entertainment box in the market”

Stephen Fenech, Tech Guide, says “The Fetch Mighty certainly lives up to its name. It’s one of the best PVRs you can buy – it also ticks all the boxes for your content demands….”

The new Fetch Mighty Gen 4 PVR retains the same form factor, user interface, functionality and content offering as the current Mighty. Despite the upgraded technical specifications, the RRP will remain unchanged at $449. The Fetch Mighty Gen 4 PVR is now available from leading retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and The Good Guys, and will be rolling out with ISP partners later this year.

Both Gen 4 Fetch boxes are interoperable with earlier versions of the Fetch Mighty and Mini, offering advanced multi-room features including the ability to stream Free-to-Air channels to a Fetch box located in a room where an aerial is not available. Fetch boxes are also fully compatible with the Fetch ‘Mobi’ companion App.

A summary of the Tech Spec upgrade is provided below:

                  New Mighty Gen 4  Mighty Gen 3
                  (Model M681T)     (Model M616T)
                  ----------------  -------------
Processor Speed   24K DMIPS         12K DMIPS
Memory RAM        4 GB LPDDR4       3 GB DDR3
Memory Flash      8 GB eMMC         4 GB eMMC
Wi-Fi             Wi-Fi 6           Wi-Fi 5
                  2x2 802.11ax      3x3 802.11n
                  2x2 802.11ac      3x3 802.11ac
Tuners            4 x DVB-T2        4 x DVB-T
Bluetooth         5.0 (BLE)         4.0 (BLE)
HDMI              HDMI V2.1         HDMI V2.0
                  with HDCP 2.3     with HDCP 2.2
Storage           1TB               1TB
HEVC Support      Yes               Yes
VP9 Support       Yes               Yes
AV1 Support       Yes               No
4K UHD Support    Yes               Yes

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