TSA selects Agama for TV channel service and quality assurance

Monday, May 9th, 2022 
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Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales selects Agama Monitoring and Analytics Solution for its TV channels’ service quality and assurance

LINKÖPING, Sweden — Agama Technologies, the leading provider of real-time observability and analytics solutions for video service quality and customer experience, announces today that TSA, based in Spain and part of Telefónica group, is using Agama’s head-end assurance and analytics solution to ensure the delivery of a first-class viewing experience to its customers.

With the Agama solution, TSA aims to stabilize and build a long-term relationship and create a seamless viewing experience for its customers. Agama will help TSA gain full transparency of its service performance in the head-end and across the delivery network. Telefonica will use Agama’s multicast analyzers for its head-end monitoring needs, in combination with Agama widgets and dashboards, which will provide a full transport stream analysis and a lot of other additional network information in real-time.

“With the main purpose of establishing a satisfactory long-term relationship with our customers based on quality standards, TSA is using Agama monitoring tools. The system provides an exhaustive analysis of our transport streams from our contribution network. Not only does it cover the needs of our transport stream analysis, but also provides additional network information in a single view, which helps to have overall information from one service. The scalability of the system lets us grow as our business grows, minimizing the CAPEX impact. Thanks to their GUI, fully customized with Agama Widgets, we can set specific views with the parameters needed. This allows us to have a customized view in the dashboard in real-time, but also check the logs for a more precise information with a recording of the event”, says Alejandro Benito, Platform & Networks Operation Manager at Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales.

“We’re very happy to expand our collaboration with Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, helping them to establish an unbreakable relation with their customers,” says Elie Khouri, Senior Account Manager at Agama Technologies. “Telefónica Group is an old customer of Agama, successfully using our powerful analytics and monitoring solutions for a while now. We look forward to continuing to support them in exceeding their customer expectations and expanding their business.“, added Elie.

The Agama Observability and Analytics Solution is an industry-leading solution for providing full transparency of video service distribution from the head-end to the viewing devices. One important element of the Agama’s solution delivered to Telefónica TSA is the head-end probes, which provide real-time insights into all parts of the service, so that head-end staff can verify the quality and availability of incoming streams, assure the correctness of video processing steps, and the correct hand-off to distribution.

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