TripleLift and Zype to bring in-show programmatic ads to CTV

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 
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TripleLift and Zype Partner to Bring In-Show Programmatic Advertising Solution to Connected TV

  • New integrated ad experiences yield higher brand awareness, more engagement and fewer disruptions for viewers

NEW YORK — Zype, the leading video API and infrastructure platform, and TripleLift, the advertising technology company reinventing ad placements, today announced an integration that allows joint customers to leverage In-Show advertising within playout streams on connected TV (CTV) platforms.

Zype Playout 2.0 dashboard

Customers using Zype’s Playout 2.0 to curate and deliver digital linear programming for OTT platforms can now leverage TripleLift’s In-Show solutions to provide unique, non-disruptive, integrated ad experiences within the CTV environment. With these new advertising capabilities, Playout 2.0 users can create dynamic monetization opportunities for brands. These innovative ad placements allow content owners to reduce the number of ad breaks without decreasing revenue per stream, while also ensuring a brand-safe environment for advertisers alongside contextually relevant content.

TripleLift’s In-Show solutions dynamically and seamlessly insert brand assets directly into television programs during the post-production process and can take place days, months or even years after show filming is complete. Using machine learning, TripleLift determines where to insert a branded asset within the content, based on context and audience profile resulting in a better experience for advertisers and viewers, with a 12x increase in brand awareness and a 3.6x increase in audience engagement.

Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, recently announced that it is using both Zype and TripleLift’s technology to support overlay ads for brand-building and contextual targeting against expertly curated music video programming on connected TVs.

“At Zype, we’re always looking to work with innovative advertising technology partners that can offer our customers greater opportunities for monetization and an improved streaming experience for the end-user,” said Matt Moore, senior vice president of Product at Zype. “TripleLift’s technology provides just that, with a focus on greater ad engagement and a better viewer experience, which presents an incredible alignment with our vision.”

TripleLift’s In-Show solutions allow Zype customers using Playout 2.0 to:

  • Leverage a unique post-production solution for product placement. Identify contextual moments and surface areas to superimpose a brand’s message or product into a show’s content with no disruption to the storytelling.
  • Create a break in the action by showcasing impactful ad creative. Capture audience attention at optimal moments with a bespoke :06s ad format that scales back video content during natural, narrative breaks.
  • Reinforce brand messaging without interruption. Enhance the traditional lower-third with a non-disruptive integrated ad experience that is contextually relevant for the brand.

“Streaming TV has changed what viewers expect of their television experience. We know that viewers want a television experience that is more integrated and less interruptive and OTT content publishers need better ways to help brands reach their audiences,” said Michael Shields, general manager, connected TV, TripleLift. “Together with Zype, we’re making it possible for content publishers of all sizes to create and fulfill ad inventory in their linear playout channels through innovative, non-disruptive ad placements that meets viewer expectations and drives better outcomes for advertisers.”

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