OpenAP announces interoperability with FreeWheel, Magnite and Xandr

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 
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OpenAP Enables Programmatic with OpenID to Unify Linear, Digital and Programmatic Delivery Across Premium TV Publishers

  • OpenID audience activation across all TV advertising buys and agency buying teams allows campaigns to be measured holistically and gives marketers true cross-platform insights on overall campaign effectiveness
  • Interoperability with FreeWheel, Magnite and Xandr’s Monetize SSP enables OpenID audiences to be used for targeting and measurement across the entire premium TV ecosystem

NEW YORK — OpenAP, the advanced advertising company bringing simplicity and scale to audience-based campaigns in television, today announced new programmatic interoperability of OpenIDSM, the unique identifier that resolves linear and digital audiences into a common identity spine for TV. The development builds on existing linear and CTV pathways to unify delivery of all TV advertising buys and unlocks holistic measurement of cross-platform advertising campaigns.

OpenID audiences can now be distributed for programmatic digital execution via integrations with FreeWheel, Magnite and Xandr’s Monetize SSP, enabling programmatic interoperability across the entire premium TV ecosystem. Buyers are also able to leverage their preferred demand-side platform to transact against OpenID audiences, which ensures impressions are measurable in conjunction with other digital and linear buys. By using ID-based audiences that are activated centrally against a consistent identity spine and used for both programmatic digital and linear television, advertisers can see unified campaign delivery, including deduplicated reach and cross-platform frequency via XPm, TV’s cross-platform measurement framework launched by OpenAP in January 2022.

“The growth of cross-screen viewing will only continue to accelerate, and agency buying teams need to be able to view the performance of a campaign in totality – regardless of how they bought or where the video was consumed. Our sellside partners have invested heavily in automating buying channels, and by extending the reach of OpenID to programmatic, we’re breaking down the silos that exist between linear and digital and buying teams and are making it easy and simple for an advertiser to maximize their spend across the entire premium video footprint,” said Chris LoRusso, chief business officer of OpenAP.

Audiences are onboarded and matched to the OpenID identity spine through OpenAP’s integrations with advertiser data partners. OpenID audiences are then made available to publishers in FreeWheel, Magnite and Xandr’s Monetize SSP for use in activating programmatic deals. Linear delivery along with all digital delivery will be resolved to OpenIDs and the advertiser will receive XPm reporting, providing valuable insights into how OTT and programmatic buys add incremental reach to the linear buy.

GroupM is the first agency that will build deals on OpenID audiences for programmatic buying, allowing them to receive holistic measurement and provide unified cross-publisher and cross-platform insights to their clients through OpenAP’s XPm framework.

Esra Bacher, managing partner of programmatic investment at GroupM commented, “It is imperative that we, as an industry, use the technology at our disposal today to simplify and optimize all aspects of video advertising for the betterment of advertisers and the overall consumer ad experience. The interoperability of the OpenID spine with SSPs like Magnite will add further fuel to GroupM’s Premium Marketplace and help us start to resolve some of the fragmentation that has existed across the media ecosystem.”

“We’re committed to solving for fragmentation across the premium video ecosystem and partnering with those who can help further interoperability across television. By continuing to work with Open AP and enabling programmatic delivery of OpenID through FreeWheel, we’re making it easier for advertisers to unify their audience delivery across all premium video,” said Misha Williams, VP, Supply Strategic Relationships at FreeWheel. “For advertisers and publishers that choose to transact via OpenID, this simplifies the ability to target and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

“OpenID represents a major breakthrough for industry-wide efforts to unify linear-digital audience activation and measurement. As viewers shift to CTV and OTT, buyers have increasingly turned their attention to programmatic as a way to reach digital audiences with greater efficiency,” said Matt McLeggon, SVP, advanced solutions at Magnite. “Magnite’s ubiquitous reach in CTV will amplify advertisers’ ability to combine the operational efficiency of programmatic with the power of cross-platform reach and measurement.”

“As the industry continues to grow investment in CTV, it has become paramount that buyers can identify and reach viewers wherever they are engaging with content, while approaching video with a truly screen agnostic lens,” said Tom Koch, Head of Enterprise Sales and Partnerships at Xandr. “We’re excited to expand our partnership with OpenAP to enable the OpenID for programmatic, unlocking new opportunities for buyers to extend the reach of their linear audiences in digital channels with our premium CTV partners who trust Xandr’s Monetize SSP to help maximize their yield.”

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