Channel 4 to see if lower frequency of ads more effective

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 
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Advertisers to take part in UK first High Impact digital advertising experiment

In a UK first, advertisers on Channel 4’s streaming service are set to take part in an experiment to see if fewer adverts from a single brand, broadcast in a less cluttered advertising environment, can deliver more effective and impactful campaigns.

The trial, never before undertaken in the UK, will determine whether High Impact campaigns, delivering a lower frequency of adverts, can deliver more cut through with viewers.

Additionally, the advertisers taking part in the trial will be encouraged to test a range of new innovative advertising products including dynamic adverts with greater interactivity.

Around 30 brands, including Lloyds Banking Group, Boots, John Lewis, Domino’s and Toyota, will take part in the 12-week trial, which if successful, could open an exciting new way for advertisers to reach audiences on Channel 4’s streaming service.

Channel 4 has commissioned research agency, BRDC, to undertake research during the experiment which is due to begin shortly.

A similar experiment carried out by Peacock (NBCU’s streaming service in the US) over the last two years has been a huge success and has since been rolled out across the whole of NBCU’s advertising network.

Channel 4’s Head of Commercial Innovation and Partners, Jonathan Lewis, said: “At Channel 4 we have a reputation for delivering market leading commercial innovation. From launching the world’s first personalised broadcaster on-demand ads with Coca-Cola, to the launch of our Brandmatch product providing the UK’s first broadcaster data matching solution; we are always exploring new ways in which brands can most effectively reach our audience, with impact.

“Improving the advertising experience on our streaming platform is critical to future growth both from a viewer and advertiser perspective. We are delighted to be leading the way again in such a hotly debated area and are confident this is something the market will want to embrace, particularly when they see the results.”

Richard Warren, Director, Marketing Communications, Lloyds Banking Group, said: “The opportunity to trial a high impact digital ad campaign was instantly of interest to us. We are always looking to evolve our AV planning, and Channel 4 is stepping into new territory through this experiment. The link between ad experience and efficacy of broadcaster on-demand advertising is so topical and Channel 4 taking the initiative in this space is great to see.”

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