Bell Media unveils new and expanded ad solutions

Thursday, June 8th, 2023 
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Bell Media Advances Media Buying in Canada with Addressable TV, Bell DSP’s Exclusive Inventory, and New Attribution Capabilities

  • Bell Media’s new advertising solutions and data-enabled products also include new upgrades to SAM, and Addressable Audio on Bell DSP
  • Products are accessible directly through the Bell Marketing Platform
  • All powered by Bell’s premium first party and privacy compliant Canadian data

TORONTO — Ahead of today’s 2023 Upfront presentation, Bell Media unveils new and expanded ad solutions, accelerating advertising and media buying technology in Canada. Accessible through the Bell Marketing Platform, the suite of data-enabled products combines the innovation, content, and technology of Bell and Bell Media to build an integrated, automated, and privacy-compliant future for Canadian marketers.

The Bell Marketing Platform brings together Bell Media’s suite of data-enabled products – Bell Analytics, Bell DSP, and SAM – providing advertisers with a comprehensive solution, powered by Bell First Party Data. Bell Media’s latest technological advancements deliver true integration into its iconic Canadian brands with new solutions and upgrades to existing products.

Launching Addressable TV (ATV)

Bell Media’s game-changing ATV offering allows advertisers to deliver tailored ads to specific households or devices, based on demographic and behavioural data across Video on Demand (VOD), livestreams, and linear content. By enabling ATV on Bell Fibe TV, Bell Media is the first media company in Canada to offer Addressable TV on linear channels through a Canadian broadcast distributor. With more platforms to be announced in the coming months, ATV will be accessible directly through Bell Media’s sales team, with exclusive programmatic access through Bell DSP shortly after.

All-New SAM

New upgrades to SAM, Bell Media’s proprietary Strategic Audience Management tool, include faster optimization, better proposals, expanded user capabilities, and automation. SAM’s intuitive new self-serve interface provides additional dashboard views, improved audience creation, and in-app notifications for more efficient TV campaign management. In addition, SAM now works seamlessly with Bell Analytics products, such as Bell Audience Manager and the new Bell Attribution Insights.

Expanded Inventory on Bell DSP

Bell DSP, Bell Media’s world-class programmatic advertising marketplace, bolsters its offerings with Addressable Audio, as well as exclusive access to the just announced Addressable TV and exclusive Crave inventory. The Addressable Audio technology will come later this year and allows brands to insert digital audio ads in live radio broadcasts and podcasts, with audience targeting. Harnessing the power of Bell’s First Party Data, Addressable Audio delivers the intimacy and influence of audio, with the transparency and efficiency of programmatic advertising.

New Bell Analytics Capabilities

Bell Analytics has expanded its capabilities by introducing new data sources that promote omni-channel buys, such as TV viewing retargeting, as well as improved scale to Bell Audience Manager. This enhancement provides clients with the ability to build and activate custom audiences more precisely than ever before, through SAM and Bell DSP.

Also new to Bell Analytics is Bell Attribution Insights, an innovative capability that provides advertisers with interactive and comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of their campaigns across Bell Media platforms. The new attribution capabilities highlight performance reporting, campaign lift, and other key metrics such as audience analysis and activation in a single place. Bell Attribution Insights enables advertisers to leverage the synergy of SAM and Bell DSP to increase reach and conversions, by activating unexposed segments from broadcast to digital, or vice versa.

“Whether it’s looking to reach a broad or narrow audience, through premium linear video or cutting-edge digital platforms, Bell Media has the tools and expertise to help our clients achieve their business goals,” said Stewart Johnston, SVP, Bell Media Sales and Sports at Bell Media. “In this constantly evolving media ecosystem, we know that a clear, data-powered, platform-wide approach will serve our clients, in the most meaningful way.”

“Data is the foundation and driving force of every successful business decision. It’s not just important, it’s imperative,” said Nauby Jacob, SVP, Consumer & Media Products at Bell Media. “The power of Bell’s First Party Data is transforming the advertising industry, and with it, Canadian marketers are now able to tap into a number of Bell Media’s advancements, including Addressable TV, a game-changing product delivering personalized messages directly to target audiences. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this new era of media buying in Canada.”

All of Bell Media’s data-enabled products are accessible directly through Bell Media’s sales team as a managed service or through the self-serve Bell Marketing Platform.

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