Nagravision Secures Commercial DVB-H Services for Alsumaria TV

Friday, September 12th, 2008

The First Services Based on MicroSDs in the Middle East

CHESEAUX, Switzerland — Nagravision, a Kudelski Group (SWX:KUD.VX) company announced today that Alsumaria TV, the Iraqi Satellite Network, has selected Nagravision’s conditonal access system (CAS) for its DVB-H services. One of the most dynamic and watched TV stations in Iraq, Alsumaria TV transmits on both Nilesat and Arabsat. Alsumaria TV’s Mobision, now available throughout Iraq, is the first ever Middle East Mobile TV DVB-H bouquet to be based on Nagravision’s MicroSD Cards with embedded security.

The Nagravision cards allow Alsumaria TV to offer services, through Mobision Mobile TV, to consumers in Iraq with both connected and unconnected devices such as mobile handsets, media players and GPS systems. In Iraq, any consumer with a certified DVB-H handset can subscribe to Mobision by inserting the Nagravision MicroSD Card into the mobile device and activating the service using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Mobision will be available through all the mobile outlets.

By introducing such an advanced technology into a fluctuating Iraqi market, Alsumaria TV not only positioned itself as one of the most high tech TV stations in the Arab world, always offering the best services, but also as a technology trend-setter providing unique audio-visual solutions to the wide audience. Through this smart positioning, Mobision is providing Nagravision MicroSD cards containing significant flash memory. Consumers can store their personal data such as photos, music, etc. At the same time, Mobision subscribers have the ability to record and time-shift DVB-H services adding PVR (personal video recording) capabilities to mobile TV viewing.

Mobision features a bouquet of up to 20 TV channels such as Alsumaria TV, and the new “Shakomo” channel – created by Alsumaria as well, and many other well-recognised TV stations including several specialised channels only broadcasting sports, news, economic news, cartoon, weather, and music.

“Alsumaria TV selected Nagravision based on proven expertise gathered in other mobile TV commercial mass deployments, as well as a unique ecosystem supporting the largest choice of integrated broadcast equipment and mobile devices. Our long experience in the Pay-TV arena includes having the first and the most deployed CAS in the mobile TV industry, which enables us to perfectly understand the needs of Alsumaria TV. Alsumaria TV is offering an outstanding and innovative set of services to Iraqi consumers and it is an honor to have been selected by them,” says Thierry Legrand, Nagravision Vice President of Sales SMEA.

Alsumaria TV is determined to bridge communication between Iraqis on one hand, and between Iraqis and the world on the other. The DVB-H is a brilliantly practical idea that will help Iraqis suffering from electricity cuts to follow up on news via their mobile phones while allowing them to be aware around the clock about the latest developments and updates in Iraq and around the World.