Magnite introduces omnichannel audience, data and identity suite

Thursday, June 15th, 2023 
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Introducing Magnite Access, An Omnichannel Audience, Data and Identity Suite

The Magnite Access Suite Includes:

  • Magnite DMP for 1st party audience and contextual segmentation
  • Magnite Storefront for buying, selling and activating 1st & 3rd party audience data from Magnite Match, Magnite DMP, and our extensive DMP Integrations
  • Magnite Match to match and share encrypted personal data
  • Magnite Audiences to drive new revenue for publishers

NEW YORK — Magnite, the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising company, today introduced Magnite Access, a suite of omnichannel audience products that make it easier for display, online video, and streaming media owners–and their advertising partners–to maximize the value of their data assets. As the center of gravity for audience and identity shifts closer to the sell side, Magnite Access empowers publishers to manage, create, and transact audience segments in a variety of ways.

The Magnite Access Suite includes:

  • Magnite DMP: enables sellers to seamlessly create, segment and synchronize audiences to platforms of their choice. Magnite DMP helps publishers build audiences and understand the size and scale of segments for commercialization.
  • Magnite Storefront: enables the activation of buyer and seller first-party data on the sell side and facilitates the buying and selling of third-party data–from discovery to activation–across all of Magnite’s platforms.
  • Magnite Match: a cloud-based solution that allows sellers and buyers to establish a match between data sets while keeping user identity blind to all parties, including Magnite itself.
  • Magnite Audiences: cross-publisher segments that Magnite packages to make it easier and more efficient for buyers to reach high value audiences at scale. This generates a potential new revenue stream for publishers with no additional operational overhead.

Magnite DMP is available today for clients using DV+, the company’s platform for display, OLV, and audio. Magnite Audiences, also for DV+, and Magnite Match and Storefront, for Magnite Streaming, are in beta and on track to reach wider availability before the end of 2023.

“The industry is undergoing a major shift as audience and identity frameworks migrate closer to the sell-side,” said Adam Soroca, Chief Product Officer at Magnite. “This presents an opportunity for media owners to embrace new ways of activating audience data at scale. Magnite Access ensures we are well-positioned to provide our clients with omnichannel audience products across multiple formats, such as streaming and display, as well as multiple demand sources. The expansive breadth of deterministic and probabilistic tools within Magnite Access provides sellers and buyers with a comprehensive, high-precision solution. Magnite’s deep relationships with premium publishers and advertisers give us a unique vantage point to create solutions that add value for all parties.”

“As audience addressability evolves, being flexible and open to different models and approaches is imperative for buyers and sellers to find a sustainable path forward,” said Martin Wexler, SVP of Channel Partnerships at Acxiom. “Magnite’s new audience and identity offerings, coupled with its exceptional publisher relationships, are a welcome addition to the industry. In partnership with Magnite, Acxiom looks forward to advancing the evolving ad tech ecosystem together by delivering relevant brand interactions across all touch points within the marketing funnel via our first- and third-party data integrations.”

“It’s imperative for us to be able to create value from the vast amount of data at our disposal, not only to ensure accurate audience targeting for advertisers, but also to improve user experiences based on privacy compliant first party data,” said Evan Pfeffer, VP of Programmatic Solutions at Bustle Digital Group. “Through Magnite, we are able to more accurately identify addressable audiences, while also personalizing the experience for our readers.”

“LG Ad Solutions and Magnite together are committed to leading industry collaboration to solve the biggest challenges faced by advertisers today,” said Serge Matta, Head of Commercial at LG Ad Solutions. “Magnite Access comes at a time when advertisers realize audience-first media plans will only be successful if their partners work together to help them navigate increasing fragmentation. We are excited to leverage this cutting-edge technology so advertisers can more easily discover, scale, and activate streaming audience segments with measurable results.”

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