Netgem and Gamestream combine TV with cloud gaming

Thursday, June 29th, 2023 
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Netgem and Gamestream join forces to create a disruptive new entertainment experience combining TV & cloud gaming

PARIS — Gamestream, world leader in white label B2B Cloud Gaming solutions, and Netgem Group, pioneer in the ‘Digital Entertainment’ market, announce their partnership. The new unified proposition will integrate for the first time Gaming with TV streaming entertainment into the service package of telecom operators reaching millions of end users.

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The birth of a unified entertainment service for the B2B2C market

Netgem develops, distributes and operates, a B2B2C TV streaming solution. The service enables operators and digital content publishers to create or boost their entertainment offering that is accessible on multiple devices. Gamestream offers telecom operators in both B2B and B2B2C models its cloud gaming technology. The company provides high performance and low latency streaming in tandem with a vast array of award-winning video games from HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™, Garfield Lasagna Party and Overcooked! 2.

This partnership between Gamestream and Netgem will give birth to a new unified entertainment experience. The service will transform TV and Mobile into an interactive entertainment HUB for families, allowing for a multi-player approach that also enables fan communities. The service will be distributed to Telcos across EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) in a market of more than 100 million TV subscribers of telecom operators.

The latter will have access to a catalog of hundreds of cult licenses intended for a family audience, with additional games added each month.

New cross-content experiences

This partnership also paves the way for new interactive experiences built from rich content, such as cross-content recommendations so users can switch from video content to a game and vice versa.

Ivan Lebeau, Co-founder and President of Gamestream, reminds us: “With Netgem, we are shaping the entertainment of tomorrow, today. Our unified offer meets real challenges for telecom operators – increasing revenue per subscriber thanks to innovative services, while capturing their attention by building their loyalty to the entire content ecosystem.”

Mathias Hautefort, CEO of the Netgem Group, shared: “Young generations are seeking different ways of being entertained, increasingly on personal devices and in a snacking format. This is a strategic challenge for traditional Content channels and Telecom operators who have invested considerable amounts in building TV subscriber bases and invested in TV boxes sitting in customers homes. With this new proposition, precursing a more immersive television experience, we will contribute to making ‘Watching TV’ an enticing experience again, and also offering entertainment for the whole family. We look forward to presenting this cross-content approach to our operator customers, who are looking for differentiation in their very competitive markets and ways to keep their existing TV, Fixed, and Mobile customer bases highly engaged.”

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