Ease Live adds connected TVs to sports interactivity platform

Monday, September 11th, 2023 
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Ease Live IBC launch enables sports fans to interact on all devices – including connected TVs

  • The IBC launch of interactivity on Connected TVs enables Ease Live operator and broadcaster customers to provide the interactivity on TVs as well as PCs, mobiles and tablets.
  • Top sports leagues and their streaming partners powering interactive coverage in basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer through Ease Live can now drive interactivity directly via the TV.
  • Ease Live launches a new soccer pack, designed specifically for broadcasters and operators with rights for any of the top soccer leagues.

BERGEN, Norway — Ease Live (an Evertz company), the interactive sports experts, today announced that it has developed the capability for its interactive platform to provide perfectly synced interactive experiences on Connected TVs, on top of its existing ability to enable TV viewers to interact with the action on mobiles, PCs and tablets. In addition, IBC will also see Ease Live (IBC: Evertz booth 1. B79) launch and demonstrate a new soccer pack that is integrated with leading sports data providers, and includes templates and functionality designed specifically for operators with soccer rights.

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As an industry first, Ease Live recently launched Connected TV interactivity for a major US regional sports network, which enabled fans to engage with interactive baseball overlays on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV and Google TV as well as mobile devices.

“That the Ease Live platform now enables sports video to be interactive on all connected screens is a huge step forward in engaging the audiences across the screens,” said Chris Wagner, Managing Partner, OTT Advisors. “It’s really a game changer for broadcasters and operators with sports rights looking to drive fan engagement while also unlocking new ad inventory and monetization opportunities.”

Ease Live is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution embraced by sports leagues, broadcasters, and content providers globally. This interactive graphics platform gives leagues and media companies streaming live sports and other live events the necessary tools to create, build, and provide interactivity to millions of fans and other viewers across multiple platforms in real time. The platform delivers edge-rendered graphic overlays, adding interactive experiences to existing TV, Over-The-Top (OTT) services and apps. With Ease Live, sports fans can interact with in-game statistics, participate in watch parties, polls, trivia, access instant replays and gaming — all without leaving the event.

Ease Live has enabled streaming service operators to boost viewing duration and engagement by over 50% through interactivity synced to the TV and accessed via PCs, tablets and mobile. The result is that Ease Live helps its customers create exciting new advertising inventory and monetization opportunities.

“Interactivity on mobile and tablets drives sports fan engagement and lengthens duration of viewing, leading to increased revenue opportunities,” said Kjetil Horneland, CEO, Ease Live. “The new Connected TV interactivity we’re launching at IBC enables sports leagues, broadcasters and OTT service providers to make all of this possible on the primary screen in the home, the Connected TV, and control the experience through the TV remote. In addition, we are launching a new Soccer pack, that is pre-integrated with feeds from leading sports data providers. By combining ease of launch with device universality and packs for all major sports, Ease Live enables broadcasters and operators to get interactive quickly on all connected devices, while fans can get closer to the action through interacting however they choose, with the sport they love.”

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