ACCESS partners with BMW on in-car video entertainment

Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 
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ACCESS Europe GmbH partnering with BMW Group on in-car video entertainment

OBERHAUSEN, Germany — ACCESS Europe GmbH, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for the TV and automotive markets, is excited to see the first BMW cars being manufactured and hitting the road with ACCESS Twine4Car video entertainment for vehicles being installed. This cutting-edge browser based technology is designed to enhance the car user’s comfort and enjoyment.

BMW-t4c YouTube screenshot

Twine4Car is an in-car entertainment solution, which serves both Linux and Android based car platforms providing the car occupants the access to a wide array of video and gaming entertainment options.

It not only offers a seamless integration with various content sources and online streaming sources, but also provides an excellent visual experience through the customized adaptation to the car screen size and resolution to enable the user to watch video content or play games with clarity and detail.

ACCESS Europe GmbH is proud to see the first BMW models on the roads with their in-car video entertainment based on Twine4Car. Additional collaborations with other automotive manufacturers are ongoing to integrate Twine4Car into further upcoming vehicle models. The company envisions such software solutions to become a standard feature, which will enhance the user experience and provide nearly endless in-vehicle entertainment possibilities.

Links: ACCESS Europe; BMW