Skyworth and China Mobile launch 8K set-top box

Wednesday, March 20th, 2024 
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Skyworth Launches First-of-its-Kind Commercial 8K STB with China Mobile, A Large Commercial Scale

SHENZHEN, China — Skyworth Digital, a leading provider of home video entertainment and intelligent connectivity solutions, proudly announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind commercial 8K STB in partnership with China Mobile earlier this month. This revolutionary offering marks a monumental achievement, being the inaugural commercial 8K TV service in the telecom market and boasting a substantial launch commercial scale of 40,000 units in the He Nan province of China in 2024. Moreover, China Mobile and Skyworth are also planning to expand this 8K device to other provinces.

Skyworth-China Mobile 8K TV set-top box

Featuring an impressive “4GB+64GB” configuration, the device supports the prestigious Dolby Vision+Dolby Atmos technology, delivering unparalleled audio and visual experiences. With its sleek design, top-tier specifications, and exceptional performance, it flawlessly showcases the essence of 4K/8K cinematic content, providing customers with immersive experiences that transcend conventional viewing, presenting breathtaking 8K Ultra HD events and spectacular shows ahead of the domestic market curve.

Furthermore, this launch signifies a significant leap in commercial scalability, as Skyworth becomes the first to realize 8K UHD products at such a vast scale within the telecom market. With a projected launch of 40,000 units in 2024, Skyworth continues to drive remarkable advancements in the industry.

Skyworth Digital has already demonstrated its expertise by enabling operators to introduce nationwide 8K TV services successfully. Expanding its footprint to international markets, Skyworth aims to empower telecom operators globally, enhancing the video user experience, fostering innovation, and boosting video service revenue. By redefining how we perceive and engage with video content, Skyworth is setting new benchmarks for the future of entertainment.

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