Stream7 scales live event broadcasting with MainStreaming

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 
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MainStreaming’s Video Edge Network Empowers Stream7 to Excel in Scaling Live Event Broadcasting

LONDON — MainStreaming, the intelligent media delivery company, proudly announces its ongoing collaboration with Stream7 to provide the scale and performance necessary for delivering top-quality live event broadcasting to millions of concurrent viewers simultaneously.

Stream7, a leading UK-based company specializing in live event broadcasting and production, is dedicated to ensuring a professional and engaging live experience for their clients’ audiences. MainStreaming, an end-to-end Edge Video Delivery Network company, that disrupts the traditional CDN industry, empowers Stream7’s clients to scale their live event broadcasting, enabling viewers to watch in their chosen location.

Live video streaming is experiencing exponential growth. According to Allied Market Research, the live events industry market value is projected to reach 1.2 trillion USD by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2023 to 2032. In a world where live streaming is frequently watched among internet users, ensuring viewers’ broadcast-quality viewing experience is a priority. Taking on this mission, MainStreaming’s Intelligent Media Delivery Platform was developed with a singular goal: to simultaneously distribute live streaming events to a vast audience, ensuring uninterrupted quality for concurrent viewers. More can be found in our Case Study.

“Since 2021, MainStreaming has been our trusted partner. Together, we overcame the challenges during the COVID pandemic’s peak, requiring flexibility on their server side, capacity availability, and reliability to promptly address our needs,”- says Pete Amos, Technical Director at Stream7. “MainStreaming, on top of scaling our live events, they scaled up our streaming business. Their highly robust and scalable service gives us the confidence that no matter the location or scale of the event, their Video Edge Network will deliver.”

MainStreaming’s Video Edge Network offers scalability for Stream7‘s events ranging from 100 to 100,000 viewers, providing flexibility for their diverse client base. Additionally, MainStreaming’s Viewer Analytics provides valuable insights for Stream7 to optimize their events, delivering accurate reporting and informed decision-making statistics that display the success of their events.

“Today, Stream7 stands at the forefront of live event broadcasting in the UK, powered by our Video Edge Network, setting industry benchmarks. We have teamed up because we are committed to bringing you a consistent high-quality viewing experience,” – states Antonio Corrado, CEO at MainStreaming. “We decided to reimagine how live events should be streamed by offering an innovative technology as a new method, meticulously developed from the ground up to support scalable live video stream delivery.”

MainStreaming’s video delivery technology has helped Stream7 face the obstacles concerning the fluctuating viewer volumes and diverse event sizes, providing over 68 virtual events. Their worldwide viewers demanded a reliable streaming service that would be accessible in their location and MainStreaming was able to stream their events without a hitch. With a focus on European customers, data processing is strategically located in Europe, assuring optimized performance and reliability.

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