TelevisaUnivision selects Skyline for IP-based distribution system monitoring

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024 
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Skyline announces an agreement with TelevisaUnivision to provide services that will transform its cloud compression and distribution operation

Skyline Communications, the leading provider of end-to-end digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry, today announced a new agreement with TelevisaUnivision, the world’s leading Spanish-language media company, to provide comprehensive service-based monitoring and control of their new IP-based distribution system, devised to replace a conventional C-Band infrastructure. At the same time, it also lays the foundation for a more unified data-centric operation, in line with the digital transformation vision and strategy of the organization.

Skyline’s DataMiner System monitors and controls the cloud-based compression and encryption infrastructure, extensive third-party IP distribution (including SRT international distribution), IRD automated authorization according to program access rules, and monitoring of remote stations’ decoders. DataMiner provides an unrivaled end-to-end view and secure control for each individual service, allowing operators to immediately evaluate and isolate system issues faster and more efficiently than ever before.

“In an era where digital content delivery is paramount, TelevisaUnivision recognizes the importance of leveraging advanced technologies to ensure seamless and efficient operations. Skyline’s DataMiner emerged as the ideal choice to meet our evolving needs, providing us with the critical insights we need to optimize our compression and distribution workflows, reduce cost, and ensure exceptional viewer experiences,” said Bill Moran, VP of Distribution Technologies at TelevisaUnivision.

“We are delighted to join forces with TelevisaUnivision, a leader in the media industry, and help them unlock the full potential of their cloud-based video delivery infrastructure,” said Roger Bijos, General Manager Americas at Skyline. “DataMiner empowers media companies like TelevisaUnivision to make data-driven decisions, optimize performance, and deliver exceptional content experiences to their audiences. And it goes much further than that, because as a Digital Transformation platform, DataMiner offers almost unlimited opportunity for operators to evolve and innovate continuously, and to leverage the full potential of the ever more virtualized technology ecosystems that they operate across the ground and the cloud. Today, DataMiner is one of the most strategic technologies for our users, as it enables them to transform data and controls into tangible value towards their goals. This can include reducing cost, optimizing utilization of resources, streamlining workflows or reinventing them, reducing carbon footprints, perfecting the quality of service, and much more.”

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