Airbites launches 'Select TV' in Bucharest

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Under “Get Airbites, get digital revolution in TV” slogan, Airbites Company launches in Bucharest the newest digital television service, Select TV.

With Select TV, Airbites starts the digital revolution in television. Select TV offers the most beloved TV channels, HD channels, everything with an image and sound quality truly revolutionary. The customers can choose from one of the packages put at his disposal. And if they use the computer as a TV set, the new service can be received at no extra charge to broadband customers. A set-top box can be rented for watching the service on a TV.

The digital television service Select TV is already available for almost two months for the customers in Iasi and there is the intention of expanding this service in the whole Airbites coverage area.

The Airbites metropolitan network for IP transportation in Bucharest was made with Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), world-leading network equipment manufacturer, together with the internationally known system integrator Siemens Enterprise Communications, in this way assuring the unity and compatibility needed for a quality service. This way, in the near future, Airbites will be able to provide HD channels packages, but also other value added services, like video-on-demand or online shopping and so on.

Get Airbites, get all!

The time when access to Internet was a luxury has passed. We have entered an era when access to Internet is more than a necessity, it became an obvious utility for each one of us, just like telephony or television. “We can hardly find a house in which the presence of these facilities is not obvious. Like other utilities, these services must be subscripted and administrated, and a very common situation is the subcription for service packages which are paid monthly but not used at the contract parameters or are paid even in the period they are not used.”, says Mr. Arno Waschkau, Country Manager Airbites Romania.

With Airbites, the customers have the posibility to choose any of the offered services: Internet, Telephony, TV, Gaming or Sharing&Backup, the solution being extremely flexible and customisable. “Airbites proposes the solution in which the customers can adjust by themselves the volume of the Internet, telephony and television services they consume, in fact with how many Mega they surf the Internet, which TV channels they watch or how much and where they speak on the phone. And, more, they pay only what they use. This solution has a very simple and looked for result. Saving money.”, concluded Mr. Waschkau.

The launching campaign for the Select TV service is part of the communication strategy “Get Airbites, get all!”, which started during this summer in Bucharest, with an integrated comunication mix, on OOH, ATL or BTL channels.