Launch of Mobile Digital TV Product Supporting China CMMB Standard

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

aigo and Solomon Systech Jointly Introduces New Generation Mobile Multimedia Digital TV Technology Solution MagusCore™ and Product

BEIJING/HONG KONG — Mobile Digital TV is regarded as the most powerful application to emerge after mobile phones: While the past 30 years has represented the era of mobile communications, there are believes that the next three decades will be the epoch of mobile digital TVs (“MDTV”). Through close cooperation, and joint strategic development since 2007, Shenzhen aigo R&D Co., Ltd. – a subsidiary of Beijing Huaqi, and Solomon Systech Limited – the only local IC company listed in Hong Kong, have jointly launched a new generation mobile multimedia digital TV known as the WALK TV 5210A featuring MagusCore™ solution, injecting vibrancy to the industry that is emerging in China and around the world. Supported by Solomon Systech’s MagusCore™ multimedia processor platform, and developed under the China aigo brand, the solution is the result of innovative, joint research and development efforts conducted in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing.

The new MDTV is a pioneering achievement, capable of supporting the China CMMB technology standard for mobile digital TVs. Compared to current MDTVs, which are limited to supporting only video playback and basic mobile multimedia functions, the WALK TV 5210A can carry out the most comprehensive multimedia playback function including complete CMMB digital TV reception and playback operation. Moreover, it has unrivalled advantages over similar products, especially in conditional reception and playback of the terminal and the safety certificate CA that it has achieved. The launch of this product represents an important stimulus, promoting the CMMB technology standard and driving healthy development of China’s mobile digital TV industry.
aigo's MDTV (Model: WALK TV 5210A)
The multimedia processor MagusCore™ from Solomon Systech provides a complete platform solution to MDTV and also other mobile multimedia applications such as portable media players (“PMP”), personal navigation devices (“PND”), smart mobile phones and mobile internet devices that demand a high performance and low power solution. The MagusCore™ includes a dual-core multimedia processor SSD1933 and embedded software. It is also the world’s first commercially available platform solution to support a multitude of MDTV standards across countries, including CMMB (China), DTMB (Hong Kong, China) and DVB-T (Worldwide, Europe).

Mr. Feng Jun, President of Beijing Huaqi, said, “The joint initiative mainly focuses on the development of core chip, portable multimedia operating system, multi-standard MDTV decoder and application software. This is also the ever first cooperation between Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to develop together application, software and core chip, integrating China technologies and brands. Volume production has commenced and a series of new products will be launched. Such products will help advocate leadership, innovation and development of the MDTV business in China. Ultimately, our aim is to build a domestic brand featuring advanced core technologies, which is highly competitive in the global market.”

Mr. Humphrey Leung, Group CEO of Solomon Systech, said, “As one of the top China IC companies in the China region, Solomon Systech has shown its capability to deliver display IC and system solutions applicable to the world’s high-tech products while also staying at the frontier of technologies. Our strategic cooperation with aigo to develop a new generation MDTV solution started in 2007. It has fully demonstrated the success of partnership among the three locations. Now, aigo’s MDTV has become a leading product in China. We will jointly develop more innovative and China proprietary products with the aim of promoting Chinese brands, our own intellectual properties and self-developed technologies outside its borders, extending to the production of world-leading electronic products.”

Technical Information about MagusCore™

  • Ideal for mobile digital TVs, portable media players, personal navigation devices, smart mobile phones and mobile internet devices
  • Rich peripheral supports including GPS, mobile digital TV, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth
  • Dual-core Multimedia Processor SSD1933: Integrating ARM926EJ-S™ and AV-DSP on a single chip. The dual-core distributed architecture of SSD1933 is optimized to deliver superior performance yet ultra-low power consumption in multimedia acceleration compared with the traditional single CPU approach. The AV-DSP core offloads the ARM core from computation-intensive multimedia processing to extend battery life and free the CPU for general purpose applications and OS support.
  • Support various video formats including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC and H.263 up to D1 (720×576) resolution to provide a rich multimedia entertainment experience
  • Integrated 2D graphic accelerator, camera interface, 24-bit LCD interface and a 10-bit NTSC/PAL TV encoder ensures high-quality video, playback and photo capture
  • Broad array of peripheral connectivity, including SD/SDIO/MMC, USB 2.0 OTG, MLC NAND Flash and mobile DDR SDRAM, with high flexibility to meet any design constraints
  • Specific software and firmware program design to provide complete solution from standard board support package to customized user interface