J:COM PVR (HDR Plus) Service Set to Launch Mid-December

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
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High-Spec Set-Top Box with Video Recording Functionality [HDR Plus] Service Set to Launch Mid-December

TOKYO, Japan — Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (J:COM; JASDAQ:4817), the largest multiple system operator (MSO) in Japan based on the number of customers served has announced that J:COM will start offering a new HDR Plus service, delivered via an advanced STB (Set-Top Box), across all service areas on December 17th.

The new STB model “TZ-DCH8000” features an enhanced DVD drive with high-definition video recording capability as well as an expanded 500 gigabyte hard disk. HDR Plus will allow users to record up to 80 hours (887 hours in standard definition) in digital high-definition video. It also provides customers with approximately four times more recording capacity compared to conventional HDR Service. J:COM will offer HDR Plus to all of its Digital TV Service4 customers for the additional fee of 1,260 JPY (Japanese Yen; tax included) per month.


Since its introduction in April 2006, 353,800 HDR units (as of September 30th, 2008) have been deployed, comprising approximately 20% of the digital service subscribing households. The new HDR Plus is in response to customers’ requests for “increased recording capacity” and “recording to DVD” capabilities. J:COM aims to expand the base of digital service users and raise customer satisfaction with its new HDR Plus service.

HDR Plus Service Summary

  • Built-in DVD Drive with Video Recording Capability supports:
    — DVD/CD playback
    — HD video recording in high-definition to DVD (with use of AVC REC)
    — Hard disk to DVD free copying capability
  • Digital High-Definition Video Recording supports:
    — 3 waves of digital broadcast (terrestrial digital, BS digital, cable digital)
    — Recording in digital high-definition (digital recording with original image quality)
    — 500 gigabyte built-in hard disk
    — “Dubbing 10”
  • Built-in Double Tuner capable of:
    — Recording 2 programs simultaneously
    — Simultaneous live broadcast viewing
    — Playback during recording
  • Simple Program Searching and Recording supports:
    — Instant searches by genre or keyword
    — Instant transfer of selected programs from Seamless EPG (electronic program guide) to hard disk for easy recording
    — Sorting programs by genre
    — Built-in functionality for free recording of new programming
  • Service Clients and Monthly Rates
    — Offered to J:COM Digital TV Service (J:COM TV Digital and Basic Digital) users for an additional monthly fee of 1,260 JPY (tax included)