World's First Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Network Delivering Mobile Video with Interactive Services Showcased at International Consumer Electronics Show

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 
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Las Vegas Demonstrations Mark Beginning of ICO Trials; Alcatel-Lucent Supporting Trials with DVB-SH Mobile Television Standard and as Network Integrator

LAS VEGAS — ICO Global Communications (Holdings) Limited (NASDAQ:ICOG) and Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE:ALU) will be demonstrating the world’s first fully integrated satellite-terrestrial network being used to deliver mobile video and interactive two-way communications services during the International Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The network is supporting ICO’s mobile interactive media service, ICO mim™. ICO mim delivers live television, interactive navigation and two-way communications to a wide variety of mobile and portable devices.

ICO mim is powered by the largest commercial satellite launched to date, ICO G1, which covers the entire United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. ICO G1 allows for a unique, fully interactive mobile experience, and at CES, users will witness the full range of features that can be deployed utilizing the satellite’s unique two-way capabilities. Services from ICO G1 are supplemented by a terrestrial network that provides coverage in dense urban areas. This hybrid satellite-terrestrial network design allows for anytime, anywhere coverage, especially in areas where wireless services are unavailable. Trials for the ICO mim service are underway in Las Vegas, Nevada and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Working with ICO, Alcatel-Lucent has developed mobile video technology using the worldwide DVB-SH standard (Digital Video Broadcast – Satellite-services-to-Handhelds). Alcatel-Lucent is also ICO’s network integrator supporting the construction of terrestrial networks in both test markets and ensuring the overall network performance across the multi-vendor hybrid network.

The mobile demonstrations during CES will feature several vehicles in a range of configurations which showcase the ICO satellite-terrestrial network. The mobile video demonstrations include eight channels of national news, entertainment and children’s content delivered to 7 to 10 inch video screens, highlighting the advantages of mobile video delivered to larger screens with high quality picture resolution.

One of the demonstration vehicles is equipped with Delphi Corporation’s innovative ‘dual-view’ screen plus Mobile DTV capability for receiving local broadcast content. The dual view screen introduces entertainment viewing to front seat passengers without compromising driver safety by allowing only the passenger to watch mobile television while the driver can access navigation, communication and command functions. The Mobile DTV receiver allows passengers a choice of local mobile television content and ICO’s national offerings. Another vehicle features a portable device, developed by Archos Corporation, which highlights the potential for portable mobile video devices by delivering mobile TV to portable entertainment receivers in the car.

During the trials, ICO is demonstrating all of the elements of its network in preparation for a subsequent service launch. ICO will be conducting extensive market research during the trials. Trial participants will experience mobile satellite interactivity first-hand, with applications such as text and email messaging, voice communications, and access to real-time weather, traffic and point of interest data. In addition to the ICO mim service offering, ICO has also been testing handsets and mobile devices which could offer traditional wireless calling services in conjunction with current cellular networks and handsets.

“Americans have an insatiable demand for video and mobility, and ICO’s trials are focused on validating a compelling nationwide service offering,” commented Tim Bryan, chief executive officer of ICO. “Alcatel-Lucent has led a world-class ecosystem of DVB-SH technology partners to showcase the power of ICO G1 in delivering a compelling consumer proposition.”

“With the ICO mim service in a car, I feel as comfortable as I am at home watching TV. With excellent sound and video quality, plus a larger screen, mobile TV now brings the same pleasure as traditional TV,” added Olivier Coste, chairman of Alcatel-Lucent’s mobile broadcast activities. “With the satellite, mobile TV now works everywhere a user might roam; tomorrow, this service will be as ubiquitous as radio is today.”