MaxLinear's MxL5007T Silicon Tuner Chosen for Stylish Digital Stream MUON Portable LCD Television

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
MaxLinear logo

This sleek, high performance, inexpensive TV will be available at nationwide retail stores starting February, 2009

CARLSBAD, California — MaxLinear, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company at the forefront of developing all-CMOS broadband radio frequency (RF) ICs for consumer markets, announced that its revolutionary MxL5007T digital terrestrial silicon tuner has been designed into the Digital Stream MUON ATSC portable LCD television.

The sleek MUON TV allows consumers to take full advantage of high quality U.S. over-the-air digital broadcast television (i.e., ATSC) without a converter box. Its compact size and exceptional picture quality create an enjoyable viewing experience almost anywhere.

“Digital Stream, a leading supplier of ATSC TV products sold in major retail outlets, has exacting standards for performance and quality,” said Kishore Seendripu, Chief Executive Officer of MaxLinear. “MaxLinear’s silicon tuner exceeds this high bar surpassing all A/74 ATSC receiver performance guidelines, including the challenging Taboo Channel requirements. In fact, the MxL5007T achieves this performance at a very low cost and with extremely low power consumption. No other silicon tuner offers this superior combination of performance, power consumption and price. This is yet another example of how our digital CMOS RF products enable our customers to offer highly competitive, differentiated end products with the best performance, lowest power, and smallest size in the market.”

With its bright, 7-inch wide screen display, integrated antenna, small size, light weight, and long battery life, the MUON TV is perfect for digital TV viewing nearly everywhere. You never have to miss your favorite show, sporting event, or pressing news story with the MUON TV at your side. At home you can attach an external antenna or coaxial cable and plug in AC power so the MUON TV can provide continuous, high quality digital TV viewing enjoyment in areas like a kitchen, den, bedroom or garage where standard TVs can’t fit.

“The MUON TV is a breakthrough in size, weight, and long battery life. The exceptional digital picture quality, innovative user interface, and contemporary styling make it the ultimate portable ATSC TV for everyone” said Ju H. Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Stream. “Making this breakthrough would not be possible without the ultra low power, small size and footprint, and superior performance of MaxLinear’s MxL5007T silicon tuner.”

The MxL5007T is a multi-standard digital terrestrial silicon tuner and MaxLinear’s third generation true digital CMOS silicon tuner. It provides unparalleled low power, small size and high performance. MaxLinear also offers the MxL7001, the world’s smallest silicon tuner, used in Japanese cell phones for ISDB-T Segment-1 and Segment-3 mobile television. Both products are shipping in high volume and are available for purchase. You can see the MUON TV and other products based on these chips with an invitation to MaxLinear’s suite at CES.