Geniatech and MaxLinear show ATSC TV home distribution system at CES2018

Monday, January 8th, 2018
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Geniatech and MaxLinear Showcase NetAerial Cord Cutter ATSC TV Distribution System at CES

  • NetAerial from Geniatech delivers live TV to smart TVs and wireless devices by leveraging ATSC tuners and powerline technology from MaxLinear

LAS VEGAS — MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE:MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected home, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket applications, today announced it would join with Geniatech to showcase NetAerial, the first integrated live TV distribution system for home network.

Based on Geniatech and MaxLinear technology, the NetAerial unit combines a TV antenna, two ATSC TV tuners and a powerline network adapter. When connected to a Wi-Fi access point, all connected smart devices can become full-fledged TV receivers.

Geniatech developed the NetAerial with a clean, attractive design and white housing that can reside inside or outside of a dwelling where the TV signal reception is strongest.

The NetAerial unit receives and demodulates the TV signal. To transmit the signal into the home, the antenna features a built-in MaxLinear 88LX3142 / 88LX2718 chipset for powerline communications. At any power socket, a converter can connect to a Wi-Fi access point so that the TV signal is either available to all smart devices or transmitted to the home network using a separate router.

The use of the two, single-channel MaxLinear MxL692 ATSC receivers allows two different programs to be watched or recorded at the same time, enabling time-shifting of content.

“There’s a resurgence in over-the-air TV reception that is delivering some very innovative products,” said Will Torgerson, Vice President & General Manager of the Broadband Group at MaxLinear. “The small size, high performance and low power draw of MaxLinear ATSC and powerline networking technology encourages this innovation and we’re glad to be working with Geniatech on this solution.”

“The cord cutter market today wants over-the-air TV reception but without the clutter of a cord, which is why the combination of powerline networking and Wi-Fi technology will make the NetAerial a great fit with the market demand,” said Mr. Fang, CEO of Geniatech. “MaxLinear was a real partner in the development of this product, delivering best-in-class terrestrial front-end receivers powerline technology to help us get to market quickly with a quality solution.”

The NetAerial streams local free-to-air live TV to smart devices including iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones, Apple TV, Roku Streaming TV and Media Player, Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, and Google Chromecast.