Another Win For Entone With Hargray Communications Deployment

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
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Entone Enables Telco To Deploy IPTV & DVR Services in Southeastern US

SAN MATEO, California — Entone, Inc., a leading provider of IPTV home connectivity solutions, announced today that their family of IPTV customer premise equipment (CPE) with digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities has been chosen by Hargray Communications Group for its IPTV services.

Hargray Communications provides IPTV services to subscribers in the Southeastern part of the US. Hargray has been providing telecommunications services to its communities for decades, and now offers a triple-play service bundle of telephone, television and Internet using Entone’s robust CPE platform.

“We needed a reliable and flexible solution for delivering high-quality video services,” comments Tony Stout, Network Engineering Manager of Hargray Communications Group. “Entone offers multiple software-compatible platforms to allow us to optimize the CPE configuration for each home.”

Entone’s Connected Home Solutions focus on enabling IPTV and Broadband TV services throughout homes that have a variety of network and TV configurations without requiring new home wiring. For example, Entone’s Amulet HD IPTV receiver supports various popular home networking technologies such as HomePNA, HomePlug, and 802.11 which enable high speed distribution of video services either wirelessly or over a home’s existing coaxial or powerline network.

Entone’s Amulet also supports advanced MPEG-4 (AVC/H.264) encoding and decoding to ensure the delivery of high-performance and high-quality HD video. It offers an internal hard drive option with full DVR functionalities (forward/rewind/pause).

“We enjoy working with progressive operators such as Hargray Communications,” states Steve McKay, Entone’s CEO. “They have been aggressive in deploying triple play services with a compelling video service offering. We look forward to supporting them in their success.”