DOXTV Selects NDS Technology to Bring DVR and push VOD to China

Monday, April 27th, 2009
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  • World-class suite of NDS technologies enables Chinese pay-TV providers to securely offer advanced digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities, including push video on demand (VOD), to Chinese viewers for the first time
  • DOXTV has selected VideoGuard® conditional access, MediaHighway® middleware, XTV™ DVR technology from NDS, and co-designed with NDS, an interactive user interface that will show programme information in Chinese characters
  • Complete content-plus-technology offering to allow China’s pay-TV operators to transform the TV experience for audiences
  • This agreement reinforces NDS’ commitment to local R&D, delivering solutions customised in China for the Chinese market

BEIJING — NDS Group, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, today announced that DOXTV, a leading value-added TV service provider in China focusing on international movies and TV programmes, has chosen an end-to-end suite of NDS technologies to protect and enhance its business.

In the first agreement of its kind in China, DOXTV is using global market-leading solutions – VideoGuard® conditional access, MediaHighway® middleware, as well as secure NDS XTV™ digital video recorder (DVR) technology with push video on demand (VOD) capability, to offer a full range of high-quality programming and technology to Chinese pay-TV providers. Also, DOXTV worked with NDS to co-design an interactive electronic programme guide (EPG).

DOXTV plans to revolutionise TV viewing in China by empowering digital pay-TV providers to give viewers the freedom to choose what content to watch and when to watch it. This is the first-ever introduction of DVR and push VOD functionality in China.

DOXTV will supply its programming and introduce the newly developed set-top boxes (STBs), including DVRs, integrated with NDS technology, to pay-TV providers to distribute to their subscribers.

With its exclusive Chinese broadcast rights to a wide range of premium content including Hollywood blockbuster movies, popular series/dramas, entertainment and educational programming, DOXTV plans to launch its service with cable operators, with 3,000 hours of international and local content in both standard and high definition.

DOXTV’s service will help local pay-TV providers grow their digital TV businesses by enabling them to offer a compelling proposition to viewers, who will gain access to more attractive content and features than ever previously available.

This agreement underscores NDS’ ongoing commitment to the Chinese digital TV industry. NDS continues to invest in research and development in China to deliver customised solutions that meet the local needs of broadcasters and operators. NDS China’s local team worked with DOXTV to create a customised EPG and interactive user interface to make the VOD service easy to use, and additionally is providing its expertise to DOXTV in the selection and integration of subscriber hardware.

“Using NDS solutions will enable us to offer our wide range of premium content to a large audience with the knowledge that it will be securely delivered and that viewers will be able to watch it whenever they wish. We are very proud of the design work we have done with NDS to create an advanced interactive user interface to help them do this,” said Yi Peng, CTO, DOXTV. “NDS is the world’s leading conditional access provider, which gives us a real advantage when negotiating distribution agreements with content owners. We look forward to delivering a revolutionary experience in Chinese TV viewing.” he continued.

“Both the government and the cable TV industry in China are expressing considerable interest in launching advanced services such as Push VOD to improve the viewer experience. We expect the growing middle classes in China to be attracted by the exclusive content and flexibility made available via DOXTV and we are proud of our role in helping to introduce new technologies and develop local solutions for the people of China,” said Sue Taylor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NDS Asia Pacific, and Chairman, NDS China.