Penthera and Telegent Systems Team to Remove Hurdle for Mass Market Adoption of Mobile TV

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
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Companies tackle DVB-H programming limitations by leveraging free-to-air local broadcast content

PITTSBURGH, Pa., and SUNNYVALE, CA — Penthera Technologies, a leading provider of mobile broadcast and multimedia software, and Telegent Systems, Inc., a leader in advanced RF and digital signal processing technologies for mobile TV in cellular phones and other portable media devices, today announced a technology agreement that will make it easier for consumers to access TV content from their mobile phones and other portable devices, while increasing revenue possibilities for carriers.

The agreement involves extending Penthera’s client side software, Penthera Viewer, to support Telegent’s handheld receiver technology, thereby allowing consumers to access both digital and analog signals on the same mobile device. Mobile TV service providers who today rely mainly on digital DVB-H content will be able to use the combined solution to offer their users free-to-air analog content as well. This approach takes advantage of the plethora of content already available through local television stations around the country -and the world – and provides carriers and end-users with significantly more programming options.

“We believe a combination of local and paid digital TV broadcasts is an ideal offering for the mobile TV market,” said Weijie Yun, CEO and president of Telegent Systems. “Our technology allows both forms of content to be received. This not only expands the amount of programming on a mobile handset by four times, but also ensures that carriers can provide a quality viewing experience that is unparalleled in today’s mobile TV offerings.”

The “brain” of the new solution is the Telegent Systems’ TLG1130 quad-mode chipset. The quad-mode TLG1130 is built with the company’s SureTrak™ technology, which stabilizes and improves video and audio reception in both stationary and mobile environments, with a reception that has been tested at upwards of 430km per hour.

Penthera Viewer, the client side of Penthera’s flexible broadcast platform solution, allows consumers to easily scroll and view mobile TV programming through an intuitive electronic programming guide (EPG). It also offers carriers new revenue-generating possibilities such as targeted advertising based on users’ viewing habits. In addition, an e-commerce option enables consumers to instantly purchase a song, CD, DVD or ringtone, and have that purchase automatically billed to their next mobile phone bill.

Penthera’s software also provides the foundation for mediacasting. Mediacasting supports the “broadcast” of virtually any media (TV shorts, full-length programs, music videos, podcasts, MP3s, etc.) to any mobile device, further broadening content delivery possibilities.
The integration of the two company’s technologies was simplified by leveraging Penthera’s Open Digital Television Device (ODDI) API. This API makes it easy for third-party receiver developers such as Telegent to integrate their hardware with Penthera’s software.

“We’re focused on finding creative new ways to help carriers drive revenue from new mobile TV services and delivering the best possible viewing experience for consumers,” said Sam Leinhardt, CEO and president of Penthera Technologies. “By leveraging our strengths with Telegent’s technology, we have an opportunity to help accelerate the adoption of mobile media content delivery services and make them more easily enjoyable for a broader audience.”