ANGA Cable 2009: TechnoTrend Görler betting on innovations

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

  • Large-scale product portfolio intended for international operator business and the German specialised trade
  • IPTV and Hybrid solutions
  • Middleware integration
  • HDTV transmission via in-house power cables
  • Well-rounded retail product range including PVR and HDTV receivers

GRASSAU — TechnoTrend Görler will present themselves to the visitors of the ANGA Cable 2009 in Cologne as manufacturer of digital receivers in a more innovative way than ever before. Stand D39 will come up with a large-scale product portfolio for the international operator business as well as the German specialised trade.

This year’s trade-fair appearance focuses on the innovative technologies of IPTV and hybrid, among others. Having introduced the digital receiver TT-micro® C862 to the Russian market may be one example here. This product solution links classic DVB-C HD reception with the new IPTV technologies, the outstanding features being VoD, Catch-Up and ReStart.

Designed for international cable system providers, TechnoTrend Görler among others presents digital receivers for diverse middleware integration applications and MPEG4-SD solutions. In line with this trend the product range encompasses everything from the simple SD zapper to the high-end HD device. OpenTV, Quative and Alcatel-Lucent may be listed as typical examples of middleware.

One of the presented innovative solutions is the very successful and now advanced TT ScartTV® receiver, which now qualifies for HDTV reception as well. The new MiniHD receiver with its dimensions of 15 x 14.6 x 4.6 cm is just as small as a good paperback. This product will be introduced to the German market as TT-micro® S810 HDTV. Its great advantage is in the versatility being usable on every HDTV flat screen as well as its standard CI slot and infrared eye.

Really startling is the TechnoTrend Görler product solution for flexible reception of HDTV in the entire household via power cable, an innovative Set Top box being presented by TechnoTrend Görler at the ANGA Cable fair for the first time. The device comes with a CI slot for PayTV reception as well as an USB connection for recording and replaying of image und video material as additional features.

Furthermore, TechnoTrend Görler broaden their portfolio for the German retail business by offering numerous Set Top boxes: With the TT-select® S550 PVR the company presents the first PVR under TechnoTrend brand. The TT-micro® S830 HDTV is a well-priced HDTV receiver with CI slot, combining future-proof technologies with an excellent price-performance ratio. The TT-select® S850 HDTV additionally features an USB interface to connect to an external hard disk. The TT-select® S950 HD PVR forms the showcase product of the German portfolio, unifying HDTV and PVR. It features all advantages of HD-capable television, has an integrated hard disk of 160GB or 320GB and additionally features an USB as well as Ethernet connection. The only shortly introduced first digital receiver for the Premiere channel with HDMI, the TT-micro® S302 HDMI and the mini-HD receiver TT-micro® S810 HDTV nicely round off the product range, thereby presented the German specialised trade with a vast array of new products, all manufactured under the already well-known TechnoTrend brand.