Moldova's Moldcell launches 3G mobile TV

Friday, August 14th, 2009

TV mobil. Always with you!

The TV mobil service offers you the possibility to watch TV here, there and everywhere. Thus, as well as being a modem for Internet connection, cam for video calls, your mobile phone becomes a real TV set by now.

TV mobil from Moldcell proposes the possibility to watch in real time local and international channels straight from your mobile phone. All you need to do this is a mobile phone with an installed video player and configured Internet settings.

In order to make a TV mobil connection you access, first of all, After that, on TV mobil option access, on the display will appear the list of channels available for watching. All channels are broadcasted online, so in your phone nothing is loaded and the phone memory keeps free. Moreover, you do not lose any call because all incoming calls will interrupt the connection automatically.


The service is offered as a simple mobile telephony, and as packages with included minutes, which help you to save your money. In that way, you have:

  • The package with 50 included minutes, valid 1 day for 20 lei
  • The package with 200 included minutes, valid 7 days for 70 lei and
  • The package with 400 included minutes, valid 30 days for 100 lei

During the packages validity the tariff for extra traffic is 0.60 lei per minute. The packages are valid for one time only and you can at any time order another one. The charging is per second. The standard tariff per minute – 0.95 lei (price per Internet tariff included).

Advantages of TV mobil service from Moldcell:

  • No connection or access fee
  • Available in 3G and EDGE
  • Unlimited watching, the single condition – positive account and
  • Availability no matter what is the tariff plan

Mobile television from Moldcell
Simple and comfortable!