Core Logic Licenses ARM GPU To Deliver HD Graphics For Portable Media

Monday, August 17th, 2009
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OpenGL ES compliant Mali-400 MP GPU enables advanced user interfaces whilst maintaining battery life on high-end mobile devices

CAMBRIDGE, UK — ARM [(LSE: ARM); (Nasdaq: ARMH)] announced today that Core Logic Inc, a leading Korea-based fabless semiconductor manufacturer in the development and delivery of mobile multimedia solutions, has licensed the ARM® Mali™-400 MP multicore graphics processing unit (GPU) to enable significantly enhanced, high-definition (HD) entertainment and browsing experiences on smartphones, fully-featured multimedia phones, portable media players (PMP) and personal navigation devices (PND) without compromising battery life.

The highest performance GPU in the Mali technology family, Mali-400 MP, supports complex 2D and 3D multimedia applications at up to 1080p resolution and offers pixel processing rates from 300 million to more than 1G pixels per second. This enables manufacturers of mobile phones, PMPs and PNDs to deliver console-quality gaming, high-quality navigation, spectacular user interfaces and web-browsing to their end users, while benefitting from the lowest memory bandwidth usage of any embedded GPU, leading to very low power consumption. The Mali-400 MP GPU also supports Khronos OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG standards, further enhancing user experiences on a wide range of digital devices.

The scalability of the Mali-400 MP GPU from one to four cores enables Core Logic to serve multiple product markets, achieving the optimum power, performance and area configuration for each application, all underpinned by the same architecture and supported by the Mali range of middleware and drivers. Core Logic will deliver their Mali-400 GPU-based solution to customers in 2010.

“We are seeing massive demand for ever higher specification graphics on all multimedia mobile devices, PMPs and PNDs,” said Kwang Pyuk Suh, CEO of Core Logic. “Device manufacturers are continually looking for technologies that enable them to develop the next high-end, must-have gadget to set them apart from the competition. Additionally, users are becoming increasingly discerning about getting the best out of their chosen applications at home and on the go. By extending our relationship with ARM, a reliable and proven supplier, and incorporating the Mali-400 MP GPU in our solutions, we are enabling our customers to meet this demand and deliver an equally compelling user experience on mobile as on digital entertainment devices.”

Core Logic, whose customers include several major Korean manufacturers, will also become part of the ARM Mali Graphics Ecosystem that brings together a growing community of developers, technology partners, software vendors and content companies to collaborate and reduce the cost of graphics ownership.

“The Mali-400 MP GPU enables Core Logic to develop the highest quality multimedia system-on-a-chip technology that will lie at the heart of next generation digital entertainment and communication devices,” said Lance Howarth, general manager, ARM Media Processing Division. “Mali-400 MP and other Mali GPUs are fully compatible with the ARM CPUs that power billions of digital devices around the world. This, combined with the complete Mali graphics stack and the ARM Mali Ecosystem, brings lowered development costs and reduced time to market.”