iWedia makes ANDROID4TV Software Framework open source

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 
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In a Move to Boost the Android TV/STB Ecosystem, iWedia Open Sources its ANDROID4TV Software Framework

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — iWedia, a leading provider of software solutions for TV devices, today announced that it has open sourced its ANDROID4TV software framework and published the reference applications and the related APIs.

ANDROID4TV is iWedia’s approach for the integration of Digital TV (DTV) in the Android environment. It is an extension to the Android application framework which offers a smooth DTV integration model and the associated APIs for the implementation of TV-centric Android/Java applications.

It has been field proven through the commercial deployments of set-top boxes operated by iWedia software solutions making use of the framework.

There is an irresistible traction on the market where more and more digital TV device manufacturers as well as digital TV service providers are to adopt Android as their environment of choice mainly to benefit from its existing ecosystem.

To accompany this traction and to boost the associated ecosystem (service providers, content providers, services platform providers, delivery platform providers, app developers, and device makers), iWedia has decided to share its ANDROID4TV framework in open sourcing its TV/STB Java reference application and publishing its APIs.

“Android means apps,” says Nikola Teslić, CTO at iWedia. “In open sourcing our framework, we aim at enabling an ecosystem of TV-centric Android apps that can be installed on the device and make use of its digital TV features, e.g. for zapping, through the use of the ANDROID4TV APIs.”

iWedia has opened a dedicated portal to gather the available information and the associated tools (docs, SDK, etc.), and to support the community (news, download, FAQ, ticketing, etc.).