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Nielsen and FreeWheel partner on OTT and STB VOD measurement
Jun 19, 2018 – Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) and FreeWheel (Nasdaq: CMCSA) have announced plans to expand measurement to OTT and STB VOD inventory. The efforts are intended to allow advertisers to take advantage of additional impressions and expanding overall TV ecosystem market liquidity.
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BrightLine enables inclusion of voice assistant prompts in OTT ads
Jun 18, 2018 – BrightLine is adding voice activation to its enhanced OTT ad platform, InCast. BrightLine’s ad platform can detect which voice assistant a TV utilizes, and dynamically incorporate suitable commands into ads.
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Tru Optik releases measurement and validation service for targeted OTT advertising
Jun 18, 2018 – Tru Optik has announced the release of its Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) service which provides de-duplicated household-level reach and frequency, device authentication, and advanced audience validation for OTT and CTV campaigns.
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Sony Crackle selects Nielsen for addressable advertising
Jun 14, 2018 – Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) has announced that Sony Crackle has selected Nielsen Marketing Cloud to power its addressable advertising capabilities across all devices and platforms including mobile devices, connected TVs, streaming boxes and gaming consoles.
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adsquare audience platform enriched with PeerLogix OTT viewing data
Jun 13, 2018 – PeerLogix (OTCQB:LOGX) and adsquare have announced the launch of a joint OTT Media Planning initiative enabling marketers to reach, target and measure advertisements at households streaming OTT TV shows and movies.
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Connected TV emerges as advertising's fastest-growing video segment
Jun 7, 2018 – Marketers plan to dramatically increase their budget commitments to Connected Television (CTV). In fact, 78% of marketers surveyed plan to buy ad inventory on streaming TV within the next 12 months, according to the latest SteelHouse survey.
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UK entertainment & media sector to grow by £8bn over the next 4 years
Jun 6, 2018 – The UK Entertainment and Media sector will be worth £76bn by 2022, according to PwC. Overall, the market will grow by £8bn over the next four years, making the UK the second largest market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), after Germany.
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New 605 index measures impact of TV advertising on both branding and sales
May 30, 2018 – 605 has announced the launch of the 605 Impact Index which measures the impact of TV advertising on both branding and sales. The index will enable clients to optimize both brand marketing and sales outcomes from TV advertising investments.
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BIA's Advertising Intelligence Platform integrates local TV data from comScore
May 30, 2018 – BIA Advisory Services has announced that it has integrated comScore’s local television audience measurement and ratings information into BIA ADVantage, a proprietary platform that delivers local market advertising intelligence.
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