Graham Media Group selects Bitmovin Playback

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 
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Graham Media Group selects Bitmovin Playback to enhance the viewing experience in 7 major US cities

  • Graham Media Group is deploying Bitmovin’s Playback to deliver high-quality streams, maximize monetization opportunities, and drive viewer engagement in Houston, Detroit, Orlando, San Antonio, Jacksonville, and Roanoke.

DENVER, Colorado — Bitmovin, a leading provider of video streaming infrastructure, announces that Graham Media Group, a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company, has selected Bitmovin Playback to enhance its viewer experience. This robust solution includes the Bitmovin Player and Bitmovin Analytics.

The Bitmovin Player ensures seamless video playback across a wide range of devices. Bitmovin Analytics provides real-time monitoring, optimizes playback performance, and enables data-driven decisions to improve content and advertising strategies.

Graham Media Group, a local broadcaster with seven local TV stations and digital hubs, chose Bitmovin Playback to free its developers from the time-consuming task of maintaining playback quality. This allows them to focus on innovative user experience features to boost engagement and deliver world-class local journalism to their communities.

The benefits are clear. Since deploying Bitmovin Player, Graham Media Group has doubled its online viewer engagement time, demonstrating the quality and impact of the solution.

Kenny Elshoff, Senior Web Engineer at Graham Media Group, said, “The speed to get the player into our codebase and extensibility of the SDKs made this the best player for us for now and the future.”

Graham Media Group also deployed Bitmovin Analytics alongside the Bitmovin Player for real-time monitoring and to help optimize playback health. Before Bitmovin, Graham Media Group did not have integrated playback analytics, so the team didn’t have sufficient insights into the quality of streams. Bitmovin Analytics ensures each stream’s reliability by analyzing real-time user session data and sharing it with the player. Bitmovin Analytics reports any playback issues so they can be fixed before they impact the viewer.

“Bitmovin is a well-known player in the video streaming industry and our top choice for a technical partner as we seek to expand our audience reach by offering game-changing viewing experiences powered by high-quality streams that drive viewing engagement,” said Michael Newman, Director of Transformation at Graham Media Group, “We can’t wait to see the positive impact that Bitmovin’s solutions will continue to have on our operational efficiency and viewer satisfaction as we continue on our quest to deliver content that informs and celebrates local communities.”

“Graham Media Group is a trusted local voice, and we are deeply honored that Bitmovin’s solutions will help deliver content that helps nurture community spirit,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin “The combined power of the Bitmovin Player and Bitmovin Analytics meets Graham Media Group’s need for flawless playback for its millions of viewers with real-time analytics that resolves any playback issues and always optimizes for the best streaming experience.

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