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Casbaa releases updated pay TV and OTT Regulatory Review for Asia
Jul 19, 2018 – Casbaa has released a review of OTT and regulatory policies for the video industry around Asia. Based on a year-long study of legal frameworks and government policies, Casbaa has examined key issues in regulation of the pay TV and online video industry.
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Minerva launches turnkey cloud video service for cable and telco operators
Jul 19, 2018 – Minerva Networks has unveiled a cloud video offering for pay TV operators. Built around the Company’s Minerva 10 platform, the service is a turnkey solution for the delivery of pay TV to both STBs and streaming media devices.
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AlphaNetworks creates global A.I. powered media platform
Jul 19, 2018 – AlphaNetworks has announced video infrastructure powered by AI and blockchain. The digital framework provides creators, media companies and advertisers with applications for better video monetization, management and analytics.
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Oversupply of large TFT LCD panels to prompt restructuring of older fabs
Jul 19, 2018 – TFT LCD panel makers are expected to reduce production of comparatively smaller sized 32-, 40- and 43-inch panels, helping to stabilize panel prices in the third quarter of 2018, according to IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO).
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Aiming to be local everywhere, Amazon and Netflix ramp up content production
Jul 18, 2018 – Since rolling out worldwide in 2016, Amazon and Netflix have both stepped up original video content production. Netflix launched 1,257 hours of original first-run content in 2017, well ahead of Amazon Prime Video’s 285 hours, according to IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO).
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Innovid adds VAST inventory support across major vendors
Jul 18, 2018 – Innovid has announced support for third party viewability measurement from all major vendors in VAST inventory. Complete video viewability measurement was previously only available in VPAID inventory. On mobile and connected TV, VAST is more commonly used than VPAID.
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SimpleReach launches all-in-one digital video measurement platform
Jul 18, 2018 – SimpleReach has announced the release of its all-in-one video measurement platform that enables brands to seamlessly track owned, publisher partner, and influencer video performance across the digital video landscape.
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UK: TV streaming services overtake pay TV for first time
Jul 18, 2018 – The number of UK subscriptions to television streaming services like Netflix has overtaken those to traditional pay television for the first time. The findings are part of Ofcom’s Media Nations report, a study of major trends in the UK’s television, radio and audio sectors.
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Tremor Video DSP and Dstillery deliver joint audience targeting solution
Jul 17, 2018 – Tremor Video DSP has announced that it has partnered with Dstillery to deliver an exclusive audience targeting solution. The partnership leverages Tremor Video DSP’s video bid stream data and advanced creative with Dstillery’s predictive marketing intelligence.
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