VR (Virtual Reality) and Immersive Video News

Quarter of a billion VR users worldwide by 2022
Aug 9, 2017 – According to ABI Research, virtual reality (VR) technology looks set to gain widespread adoption over the next five years, reaching an installed base of 256 million users worldwide and generating revenues of over US$60 billion in 2022.
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Wireless VR set to strain data networks
Aug 8, 2017 – A report from Juniper Research on Virtual Reality forecasts that wireless VR headsets (smartphone-based and standalone) data consumption will grow by over 650% over the next 4 years, from nearly 2,800PB (Petabytes) in 2017 to over 21,000PB in 2021.
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VR to usher in an era of interactive and immersive content
Aug 8, 2017 – According to ABI Research, 360-degree video, interactive and immersive content formats will generate US$6 billion dollars of revenue by 2022; tapping into the virtual reality ecosystem as well as widespread support for application development on mobile platforms.
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Spending on AR and VR expected to at least double each year to 2021
Aug 3, 2017 – Worldwide revenues for the augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) market are forecast to increase by 100% or more over each of the next four years, according to the latest update from IDC.
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Accedo and Deutsche Telekom debut VR experience for live concerts
Jul 5, 2017 – Accedo has announced that is working with Telekom in Germany to launch the world’s first mass-market available Virtual Reality (VR) experience for live concerts. Magenta Musik 360 launched on 2nd June with live video streaming in virtual reality from Rock am Ring.
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BBC Taster launches virtual reality app
Jul 5, 2017 – BBC Taster has launched a virtual reality app available for Android and iOS. The app will feature a range of content designed to push the limits of virtual reality on mobile devices, including animated VR, interactive 360° videos, dynamic binaural audio and branching narratives.
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9% of U.S. broadband households plan to purchase a VR headset in the next year
Jun 29, 2017 – Parks Associates has announced a report revealing that 9% of U.S. broadband households plan to purchase a virtual reality headset within the next year. Purchase intentions have nearly doubled since early 2016, when only 5% planned to purchase a VR headset.
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Consumers expect AR and VR to merge with reality
Jun 21, 2017 – Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has published its latest ConsumerLab report - Merged Reality - revealing insights into how consumers expect virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to merge with physical reality, and that 5G will be a key technology for such experiences to become mainstream.
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MTG launches Viareal VR app for the Nordic region
May 26, 2017 – MTG has launched Viareal, a virtual reality (VR) app for the Nordic region. Viareal will deliver exclusive VR content and extensions for esports events, and for MTG’s broadcast and streamed entertainment offerings.
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