Super TV IPTV for 70% of Denmark

Thursday, December 14th, 2006
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TDC initiates its most ambitious commitment to television via broadband to date. More than 1.8 million households will get access to a new generation of TDC TV which then becomes the largest cable-based television network in the country.

“We think that in future competition in the broadband market will be about offering the best content services, and television and movies will play a key role. This is TDC’s alternative to television of the future,” says Gert Rieder, director of TDC Residential.

The new interactive television network airs in February, and will cover some 61 pct. of all households. Coverage will be expanded during 2007, and by year-end approx. 70 pct. of all households may access the network.

It is a technology jump compared to the current broadband television as well as to traditional cable or satellite television. Some of the new features are integrated program guide, harddisk recorder, pause function and rental and watching of movies facilities, whenever you wish. The network is also HDTV ready.

“We are in the middle of a comprehensive development project transferring the traditional telephone network to a multimedia network including all from telephony to HDTV and movies. The new version of TDC TV is the first specific result of this work,” says Gert Rieder.

Facts about TDC TV

  • TDC TV is a broadband-based service with digitally distributed programs via the ordinary telephone network. The television signal is distributed as a separate ‘channel’ in the broadband connection, then via a receiver box directly to an ordinary TV set, for instance by a Scart entry.
  • First generation of TDC TV was launched in May 2005 with 18 channels and two program packages.
  • The new generation of TDC TV includes 35 channels sold in program packages, following the model known from TDC Cable TV.
  • TDC TV is based on the ADSL2+ standard – a progress of ADSL. TDC has installed ADSL2+ in 529 central offices – covering a total of some 71 pct. of all Danish households. However, as TDC TV cannot be transmitted over very long distances, currently only 61 pct. of all households can receive TDC TV. TDC will expand coverage to some 70 pct. of all households in 2007.