Ocean Blue Software teams with Rovi for home networking TV software

Thursday, October 29th, 2009
Rovi Corp logo

BRISTOL — Digital TV software specialist Ocean Blue Software is pleased to announce a collaboration with Rovi Corporation (Formerly Macrovision) [NASDAQ: ROVI] to integrate Rovi’s Connected Platform software for Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) capabilities into its mature Sunrise digital video broadcast (DVB) stack. Ocean Blue Software’s and Rovi’s combined technologies provide a solution designed to make it easier for consumer electronics manufacturers to develop DVB TVs that can access digital content from networked and DLNA compatible devices.

Ocean Blue Software’s Sunrise DVB software provides all of the components necessary to enable digital TV and set top box manufacturers to quickly and easily implement satellite, cable and terrestrial DVB functionality into their devices. Now, with the integration of Rovi’s Connected Platform, a DLNA technology component, CE manufacturers can offer consumers the ability to easily manage their digital media content stored on different devices in the home. Shared content, such as videos, photos and audio files, stored on a remote server can be retrieved and played from the TV; movie clips can be viewed, paused, re-wound or fast forwarded; and media files can be divided into genre and rated according to user preference.

“Ocean Blue Software is pleased to be working with a global digital entertainment technology leader such as Rovi,” commented Ocean Blue Software CEO, Ken Helps. “This collaboration will provide CE vendors with a complete software solution for connected TV and set top box products that meet industry interoperability standards. Importantly, we can also ensure software compatibility for consumers.”

“Today’s consumers do not want to have to deal with the complexity of connecting products to access their content. They want to access it seamlessly with a single remote control,” said Simon Adams, senior vice president of CE sales, Rovi Corporation. “We are pleased that we can help CE vendors deliver DLNA-compatible products that enable consumers to access media in exciting new ways.”

The software solution is hardware and operating system agnostic ensuring manufacturers have a scalable and quickly deployable solution that can be ported across any TV-centric chipset.