DS2 emerges as leading supplier of Powerline Technology solutions for US multi-media networking

Monday, August 20th, 2007
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  • For the first time US shipments of 200 Mbps chips for multimedia applications exceed 50 per cent
  • DS2 increased US market share by 800 per cent in less than one year

VALENCIA, Spain — DS2, the world’s leading powerline chipset provider, has confirmed that shipments to the US of its 200 Mbps chipset increased by 229 per cent during the first half 2007. In general the Powerline market is growing at a rate of 100 per cent p.a. while growth in other home networking technologies has stagnated. The increases were reported in research findings from the NPD Group/Retail & Reseller Tracking Service, the leading US consumer technology research specialists, which showed that during Quarter Two of 2007 shipments of 200 Mbps Powerline technology accounted for over 50 per cent of powerline networking shipments. The research showed that in less than one year, DS2, the pioneer in semiconductor solutions for high speed powerline multimedia applications has increased its market share in the US by over 800 per cent. The wide variety of DS2-based solutions for multimedia applications on offer from companies including NETGEAR, D-Link, and Corinex Communications, has accelerated market growth.

DS2’s continuing development of its innovative 200Mbps high speed powerline chipset has enabled low-cost powerline integration into TVs, set top boxes, games consoles and computers to enable coordinated use of entertainment appliances around the home, without the need for any new cables. High-speed Powerline chipsets are becoming increasingly popular with consumers as they offer state of the art technology without the hassle of expensive installation or unpredictable problems.

David Henry, Director of Product Marketing for Consumer Products at NETGEAR, said: “Our HDXB101 Powerline HD kit, which is based on DS2’s powerline technology, is currently the top selling product in the 200Mbps powerline category in the US market. Consumers are rapidly adopting this technology for emerging Digital Home applications, which explains why Powerline HD has the fastest growth among all our powerline product line. It’s a perfect complement for other NETGEAR multimedia products such as Digital Entertainer HD and Storage Central Turbo.”

“We have had a tremendous year. This quarter’s NPD Group report shows we have increased our lead in the US market by a staggering 800 per cent and reassures us that we are producing exactly what the customers are demanding – an affordable Home Media Network,” commented Jorge Blasco, President & CEO of DS2. “Working with partners such as Corinex Communications, D-Link and NETGEAR, customers are able to create their own home network using DS2’s technology for uninterrupted streaming of multiple High Definition media.”

DS2 technology supports advanced multimedia Quality of Service (QoS) transmission, expanding the range of services that can be offered without compromising the quality perceived by the user. DS2 supports the increasing range of services consumers have now come to demand, from the extreme latency requirements of online gaming to the enormous bandwidth requirements of HDTV. This ultimately ensures the best possible end-user experience as it differentiates traffic into multiple types of communication, and ensures the correct transmission of services so that performance characteristics, such as bandwidth and latency, are preserved in the presence of other traffic.