Widevine DRM Selected for BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® Service

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
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Blockbuster Selects Widevine® to Maximize Video Quality and to Reach Broadest Set of Internet-Connected Retail Devices Possible; Widevine’s Adaptive Streaming and Multiplatform DRM Gives Blockbuster Subscribers a DVD-Like Experience on TVs, Blu-ray Players, Macs and More

SEATTLE, WA and MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Widevine, provider of multiplatform, multiformat DRM and video optimization solutions, and Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE: BBI) (NYSE: BBI.B), a global leader in entertainment, today announced that Blockbuster will use Widevine’s DRM and video optimization as a part of its BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® Service to deliver a high-quality entertainment experience to internet-connected retail consumer electronic devices. Widevine’s software is natively supported in nearly all major brands of retail consumer electronics.

BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® customers can browse and rent titles directly through their connected device such as Samsung’s Blu-ray players and televisions for a seamless entertainment experience. Widevine’s DRM keeps the content secure while its video optimization tools provide Blockbuster customers with the highest-quality entertainment experience possible.

“Blockbuster customers are not only able to get their movie and TV show rentals through our stores and through the mail, but also directly through their internet-connected retail device,” said Bruce Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® Group. “We are very pleased with the cinematic experience Widevine’s video optimization tools provide our customers. We feel that Widevine provides a significant competitive advantage for Blockbuster by enabling a higher quality viewing experience as compared to other on demand services. In addition, Widevine’s pervasive inclusion in consumer electronics ensures our customers will be able to view content on the device of their choice.”

Widevine’s multiplatform, multiformat DRM solution enables Blockbuster to deliver content to any device, in any format for the widest audience possible. Its video optimization tools provide a high-quality entertainment experience on content streamed over the internet. This includes instant start-ups, no buffering and trick play capabilities such as rewind, fast-forward and bookmarking for multi-location viewing.

“Blockbuster is able to offer their customers a truly seamless entertainment experience with their BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® Service,” said Brian Baker, CEO of Widevine. “Widevine’s DRM and suite of video optimization tools will ensure that Blockbuster is able to reach the widest audience possible while giving their customers the high-quality entertainment experience they have come to expect from Blockbuster.”