ProVision to Demonstrate Multi-Room Wireless HDTV System at CES

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Visit us at CES Unveiled – UK Technology stand

BRISTOL, England — 2010 International CES — ProVision Communications has created the world’s first consumer electronics technology capable of securely streaming live HD video content across all the rooms of a home.

The system, called AXAR1500, has been demonstrated at CES and has been selected by UKTI to highlight the best of British technology at CES Unveiled.

AXAR1500 streams HD video content from a Blu-ray player, PVR or HD set top box to AXAR enabled TVs or Wi-Fi connected PCs and mobile phones throughout the home. And AXAR1500’s real time protocols support fast channel hopping and interactive TV guide operation.

The highly robust wireless system used by AXAR1500 will transmit video to any area within virtually any home. With distribution radius of over 900 ft, AXAR1500 is capable of streaming live HD content across an area of more than 2.5 million ft2 – three times the floor space of Buckingham Palace.

AXAR1500 uses open technology standards for video-encoding, video packet transfer and wireless broadcast; H.264, RTSP/RTP and 802.11n. This enables the licensed IP to be cost effectively built into a vast array of set top boxes and TVs from multiple manufacturers.

“Streaming live TV presents unique challenges and requires an in-depth knowledge of both wireless networks and video systems,” commented ProVision’s CEO, Steve Cliffe. “The breakthrough is a credit to the team’s expertise in radio propagation, antenna design, wireless networking and video coding and we’re delighted to have created the first consumer device that can receive live HD video across all rooms.”

AXAR1500 will be sold under an IP licensing model and will be integrated into set top boxes and TVs from major consumer electronics manufacturers and multinational OEMs.


  • Distribution radius of 900′ is under clear sight conditions.
  • The combined floor area of Buckingham Palace, from basement to roof, covers approximately 829,000 square feet (77,000m2). The Palace measures 354x393ft (108x120m)
  • The combined floor space of the White House is approximately 55,000 ft2 (5,100m2).