InOutTV and Electra announce Interactive TV Platform Service availability for Spain

Monday, January 4th, 2010

LONDON — InOutTV and Electra Entertainment have entered into a long term partnership to offer broadcast and connected interactive television services to consumers in Spain over DVB-T (DTT).

Nationwide service availability will commence from first quarter 2010 over InOutTV’s digital terrestrial TDT (DVB-T) network. Launch will commence on zapper and PVR STB silicon free-to-air and Premium TDT solutions, following shortly afterwards in digital TVs.

Electra’s patented technology Trove™ can be incorporated into virtually any mass market device – entry level set top boxes, digital television recorders and TVs – to provide a quality interactive experience. Supporting true colour, sound and games, Electra’s added-value offering will generate increased frequency and length of consumer visits, resulting in greater revenues. Services can be accessed with one button press, even from standby, and use less than one percent of the bandwidth compared to traditional MHP and MHEG-5 interactive TV services.

InOutTV, in line with its policy always to offer the highest quality and most user convenient products and services, will introduce a broad range of Trove™ services nationwide during 2010, which is Analogue Switch Off year in Spain, and expects total DVB-T receiver sales to exceed 10 million units.

Trove™ also supports broadband WiFi and Ethernet connectivity to enable an even greater range of services and features in mass, entry-level digital TV products. This combination of hybrid broadcast and IP technology offers viewers a more connected and integrated solution than separate broadcast and IP services, with new features including internet radio, social networking, instant messaging, music on demand, live voting and Over The Top (OTT) video services.

Says Electra’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Jonathan Drazin: “We are very pleased to be working with InOutTV in Spain and believe that the combination of Electra’s Trove and InOutTV’s SynchroGuide EPG services comprises a world beating mass market proposition for consumers in terms of performance, value and convenience.”

Says InOutTV’s Chief Executive Officer, Eudald Doménech: “Electra will combine perfectly with InOutTV services, and this will create the best experience for the end user, having high-end services and benefits even on the entry level products. Focusing on the great year we will face in Spain during 2010, and the upcoming analogue switch off, DVB-T will reach all the population and thanks to InOutTV´s platform will create new ways to watching and enjoy TV.”