ENENSYS released the world's first DVB-T2 MISO SFN solution

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

RENNES, France — Being the very first company to release a professional DVB-T2 modulator in February 2009, ENENSYS proves again its involvement on this efficient standard by delivering the first worldwide solution (including T2 Gateway and Modulator) demonstrating both SFN (single-frequency network) and MISO (Multiple-Input Single-Output).

Benefiting from years of experience in Digital Television equipment design and manufacturing, ENENSYS’ team naturally committed to take up the challenge to develop a full in-house DVB-T2 solution. After almost 2 years of hard work and active participation to test-fest involving major DVB-T2 actors, ENENSYS is now proud to showcase the very first version of T2 Gateway and Modulators powering SFN, T2-MI stream interface (both over ASI and IP) and MISO.

Already tested and approved by its customers, these DVB-T2 features are now ready to be deployed in live systems for in-situ tests.

Michel Hello, Transmission Product Manager at ENENSYS, said: “ENENSYS is seen from the beginning as a major player in DVB-T2 by always proposing fully validated advanced features. Getting SFN and MISO validated in a very short time after the last test-fest has been quite challenging, but this demonstrates one more time that our customers made the good choice by selecting ENENSYS!”

The key benefit coming from the MISO SFN is observed by less degradations in term of minimum receiver input power, while a degradation of several dB is measured in SISO-SFN (caused by the fading effects that are leading to the spectral cancellations).

Laurent Roul, Head-End Product Manager at ENENSYS, said: “Powering both SFN and MISO in our T2 Gateway and Modulator is a major step in the development of our DVB-T2 end-to-end solution We also leveraged our test&monitoring solution to support the monitoring and analysis of T2-MI streams, with the DiviDual T2-MI. The team is now involved in getting the Multi-PLP feature a reality to help our customers defining new business models. The new solution package including this high value feature is already planned to be available very soon.”