HDMI Licensing Releases HDMI Specification Version 1.4a

Thursday, March 4th, 2010
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Latest Version Specifies Mandatory 3D Formats For Broadcast Content

On March 4, 2010, HDMI Licensing, LLC, released the HDMI Specification Version 1.4a, which features key enhancements for 3D applications including the addition of mandatory 3D formats for broadcast content as well as the addition of the 3D format referred to as Top-and-Bottom.

The complete HDMI Specification Version 1.4a, along with the 1.4a version of the Compliance Test Specification (CTS), is available to Adopters on the HDMI Adopter Extranet.

An extraction of the 3D portion of Specification Version 1.4a is available for public download on the HDMI Web site.

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