Swisscom to discontinue DVB-H mobile TV service

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 

Roughly 80 days before the World Cup, Swisscom TV air is bringing TV to your mobile and computer. For CHF 9 a month, customers can watch TV at home and on the move. Sports fans can watch exclusive live sporting events for CHF 5 per game. And the vast range of Video on Demand films from Swisscom TV is also now available on your computer. Swisscom TV air will replace the current Swisscom TV mobile offering.

Swisscom TV air is the next chapter in the success story of Swisscom TV. Swisscom is the first provider in Switzerland to enable customers to watch TV on all three screens: television, computer and mobile phone. For CHF 9 a month, customers can receive 34 live TV channels in high definition at home on their PC or laptop or on their mobile while out and about. There are also 70 radio stations and numerous video clips available for free via your computer. Ten more television channels will be added in May 2010.

For CHF 5 per game, football and ice hockey fans can watch exclusive live broadcasts from Teleclub on their computer or on their mobile. Customers can turn their computer into a cinema with circa 500 films and documentaries already available from just CHF 3.50. All films and sports programmes are available to purchase individually without a subscription. The clear and intuitive menu gives Swisscom TV air customers an overview of all current TV programmes at all times. The menu is the same on all three screens which makes it easy to use.

Available on all computers and most modern mobile phones

Customers need a DSL line or a mobile subscription to use Swisscom TV air. Swisscom TV air works on all standard operating systems and is available on most modern mobile phones. Swisscom customers will receive Swisscom TV air for a fixed price; data traffic is included in the price. Customers on other mobile networks who have a Swisscom Internet connection can also watch TV on their mobiles, but they may be charged for data traffic by their mobile provider.

Swisscom TV air to replace Swisscom TV mobile

Swisscom TV air will replace Swisscom TV mobile with immediate effect. The benefits for existing customers will be two-fold. They can now watch TV on their computers, and only have to pay CHF 9 instead of CHF 16. Following the launch of the new TV offering, Swisscom will also be discontinuing its DVB-H service for residential customers. At the moment there are not enough DVB-H compatible devices to make the service a success. The DVB-H network will remain in place for the time being.