Zappware deploys iView middleware with Slovenian IPTV operator Amis

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
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Deployment features advanced services such as network PVR, Restart TV and Catch-Up TV

Zappware, the Belgian one-stop solution provider for interactive Digital TV (iDTV) on multiple TV platforms, has successfully deployed its iView middleware product with the Slovenian telecom operator Amis.

iView is the cornerstone of Amis’ digital TV service dubbed “AmisTV2.0”. AmisTV2.0 has been commercially launched in September 2009 in Slovenia and Croatia, and includes advanced services such as network PVR, Pause Live TV, Restart TV and Catch-Up TV. It also includes Navigator, Electronic Programme Guide and Video-On-Demand services featuring Reminders, Favourites, User Profiles, Application Skinning, Search and Parental Rating. The service runs on a hybrid network which combines IPTV content managed by Amis, with free-to-air digital terrestrial broadcasts.

Since its launch in September 2009, AmisTV2.0 has been successfully adopted by both Slovenian and Croatian subscribers and it is currently one of the fastest growing digital TV services in these countries.

Patrick Vos, CEO Zappware: “Zappware has a proven track-record of delivering reliable iDTV solutions in the cable market since its founding in 2001. With this deployment of our iView middleware product, we not only prove that we are also able to serve the IPTV market, but we also demonstrate Zappware’s capability to deliver a complete end-to-end solution using an ecosystem of trusted partners.”

Boštjan Košak, CEO Amis: “We are very pleased to have selected Zappware as the middleware provider for our AmisTV2.0 digital TV service. With the introduction of the Zappware solution, Amis gained an immediate competitive advantage over all other IPTV solutions available on the market and our customer growth on this very competitive market clearly reflects that. Zappware’s solution has proven to meet customer demand for a very advanced, fast, simple and reliable solution. The implementation was fast and effective due to the very professional and customer-oriented personnel of Zappware in all project phases. One of the key reasons for choosing Zappware was its flexible platform designed for continuous development of new services tailored to customer needs and trends. Our partnership with Zappware has not only resulted in a static IPTV service implementation but also in the introduction of a platform designed for further development of next generation digital TV services creating permanent competitive advantages for the operator.”

Zappware’s iView solution consists of iView Core, which is a suite of applications running on the set-top box, iView Portal, for managing the application content, and iView Interaction Manager, for managing the viewer profiles, logging application usage and generating viewer statistics.

Zappware’s iView solution has been deployed on the 7710 IPTV and 7742 hybrid IPTV/DTT set-top boxes from Albis, and is integrated with the VOD back-office solution delivered by Zappware’s trusted Netherlands-based partner EventIS.