DigiCAP and iWedia create ATSC 3.0-hybrid HDMI dongle

Thursday, October 13th, 2022 
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DigiCAP and iWedia collaborate to create first ATSC 3.0-Hybrid HDMI dongle

  • AirCaster will enable ATSC TVs to capitalize on ATSC 3.0 quality and interactivity

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — DigiCAP, the solution provider of ATSC 3.0 headend and the manufacturer of ATSC home gateway devices, and iWedia, part of Zappware Entertainment Group International (ZEGI) and the provider of world-class software solutions for connected TV devices, today announced their collaboration to create the first ATSC 3.0-Hybrid HDMI dongle of its kind. The solution, named AirCaster, will enable an integrated user experience between NEXTGEN TV and OTT, and bring interactivity to consumers with TV sets, helping accelerate the adoption of ATSC 3.0 in the United States.

The collaboration brings together the unparalleled expertise and experience of DigiCAP for hardware and iWedia for software, to deliver an ATSC 3.0 enabled device that is more economic and less intrusive than a set-top box (STB) as it plugs in directly behind the TV. Consumers who purchase AirCaster will be able to download OTT streaming application without having to buy set-top boxes, allowing them to ‘cut the cord’ and choose the services they want. Depending on the capabilities of their TV sets, they will also benefit from the higher picture and audio quality, and interactivity available through ATSC 3.0.

The AirCaster also brings OTT benefits to broadcasters, offering the possibility of targeted advertising to a wider audience and allowing them to move to apps to deliver their service offering rather than costly STBs. In addition, it represents a step towards a standard for NEXTGEN TV that will allow more OTT apps to operate across state lines.

“Our successful collaboration with DigiCAP has capitalized on the synergies between our companies to create a device that brings more choice and higher quality to US TV consumers. We believe that the AirCaster will play a key role in the growing adoption of ATSC 3.0 in the USA,” commented Hans-Jürgen Desor, CEO of iWedia.

Pete Han, CEO, DigiCAP, said: “It is great that iWedia has partnered with DigiCAP to collaborate on the ATSC 3.0-Hybrid HDMI dongle development, which will help us figure out innovative business models for broadcasters, and in the end, provide consumers with better value in their television experience”.

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