Redge Media powers Kanał Sportowy OTT platform

Thursday, October 13th, 2022 
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Kanał Sportowy with its own platform powered by Redge Media

  • One of the most popular YouTube channels in Poland – Kanał Sportowy – has launched its own OTT platform thanks to Redge Media

One of the most popular YouTube channels in Poland – Kanał Sportowy (“The Sport Channel”) – has launched its own OTT platform. Kanał Sportowy gained full control of their content within the multiscreen applications achieving extended flexibility in creating marketing opportunities for sponsors thanks to Redge Media video streaming end-2-end solution.

Kanał Sportowy is the one of the most-subscribed online sport-oriented community channels reaching out over 900k subscribers and almost 600M video views in total. Combining sport journalism with lifestyle content the shows are created by Mateusz Borek, Michał Pol, Tomasz Smokowski and Krzysztof Stanowski. Now thanks to its own platform powered by Redge Media, is enabled to continue its dynamic expansion due to freedom, advanced monetization modules and unique live social features to foster community.

The deployment has been based on Redge Media for Lifestyle – complete video streaming solution tailored to video influencers looking for a hassle-free way to create a fully customizable, manageable video service for their community. It provides smooth video delivery, security of the content and day-to-day business support. It enables complete monetization either as transactional, PPV or AVOD. It combines social media tools with interactive features. operates on the Redge Media platform as end-2-end deployment within the multiscreen applications of the service, including a range of Connected TVs.

“Own platform is an answer to our viewers’ expectations. We hand them a highest quality product, built together with a renowned technological partner, Redge Technologies. YouTube remains our strategic channel in delivering content, nevertheless our own platform will be provided with exclusive content, video formats not available anywhere else and, when we obtain certain rights, also will be a place for live broadcast of sporting events.” states Maciej Sawicki, Kanał Sportowy’s CEO.

“Our newest deployment states that Redge Media for Lifestyle can successfully support content creators by offering a video streaming platform in the white-label model. The deployment is based on the revenue-share transparent model enabling cost efficient implementation of any video content. Interactive social features meet the needs of contemporary viewer – we create technology that evokes emotions.” states Justyna Porzucek, Vertical Markets Sales Director. is now available thanks to Redge Media for Lifestyle video streaming solution and will operate in parallel with the YouTube channel. All the content is also available in Kanał Sportowy mobile app, downloadable on Google Play and App Store. Soon there will also be an app for Smart TV. TVP, Polish national broadcaster, was chosen as a media house responsible for media planning. Arskom Sport Brokers agency, specialized in sports marketing on the Polish market, supports product strategy and development.

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