Increased HD Programming Bolsters the Integrated Receiver Decoder Shipments

Thursday, April 8th, 2010
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The integrated receiver decoder (IRD) market will grow unit shipments steadily over the next several years, though revenue will be hampered by falling average selling prices (ASPs), reports In-Stat. The need to transmit HD programming is causing replacements of existing IRDs, as content creators and programmers take advantage of H.264 and DVB-S2 to use less bandwidth for transmission.

IRD unit shipments are experiencing stable growth with new channel launches and dependence on a steady five-year replacement cycle. The need for new IRDs is balanced with growth in transmission of uncompressed video feeds over fiber and the pass-through of H.264 content rather than needing to decode and re-encode.

Broadcast quality professional decoders and integrated receiver/decoders (IRDs) are used in studios, as well as cable TV, satellite, terrestrial and telco TV infrastructure to receive and decode video and audio streams.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • IRD unit shipments will reach 215,000 units in 2014.
  • The large growth opportunity in the contribution market is H.264 4:2:2 IRDs. By 2012 Europe will take over as the largest geographic segment, exceeding Asia and the Americas which will be nearly equal in size.
  • The emergence of 3D content will impact the contribution side of the IRD market, since content producers will want to keep the highest quality for as long as possible. However, on the distribution side, programmers are expected to put both views into a single standard frame in the early years of 3D.

The research, “Worldwide Broadcast Decoders and IRDs” (#IN1004664MBI), covers the worldwide market for broadcast decoders and IRDs. It includes:

  • Examination of market drivers and barriers.
  • Forecasts of IRD unit shipments, revenue, and ASPs by compression type and by region.
  • Exploration of product features.
  • The vendors discussed in the report include: ADI, Adtec Digital, Anevia, AppearTV, ATEME, Caton, Cisco Systems, Envivio, Ericsson (Tandberg), Fujitsu, Grass Valley, Harmonic Inc., Harris, Motorola, NTT, Sencore, Vislink, Vitec, and Wegener.

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