Wasu and PCCW to cooperate on triple-play technology

Monday, April 19th, 2010
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HONG KONG — Wasu Digital TV Media Group (華數數字電視傳媒集團) (“Wasu Group”) and PCCW Group (“PCCW”) [SEHK:0008] have signed a letter of intent in Hangzhou, China, on “triple-play” technology co-operation between PCCW’s now TV and Wasu Group.

In addition to converging the traditional “television, communications, and information” businesses, the “triple-play” development in Mainland China has brought about a new industry whose strategy is based on “network integration, technology integration and business integration”. Therefore, the “triple-play” industry, which is in its infancy, needs extensive exploration and development in the areas of “industry development pattern, technology roadmap, network infrastructure, system products, terminal products, service products, and market operations” so as to create applications in “new network, new communications, new media, and new information” with “cross-network, cross-platform, cross-application, and cross-terminal” characteristics.

As Hong Kong’s leading broadband television service provider, PCCW’s now TV brings the territory’s first quadruple-play experience to viewers through PCCW’s TV, Internet, mobile and fixed-line delivery platforms. With its state-of-the-art communications and information-based infrastructure, as well as its rich experience in cross-media and cross-platform service delivery, PCCW offers the territory’s businesses and the public a wide range of services such as basic communications, data communications, mobile communications, broadband television, and a variety of value-added services. In particular, its “broadband television” broke new ground in the provision of large-scale new media services. PCCW’s co-operation with Wasu Group will promote the “triple-play” development in the Mainland with its experience and technology.

PCCW views that Wasu, a pioneer of Mainland China’s “triple-play” development of radio and television networks, takes a leading position in China and beyond by innovatively integrating the “radio, television and broadband communication networks with digital television delivery” and has created an industry comprising “digital television, broadband communications, digitalized content and application services, as well as new TV media”.

This intention on “triple-play” technology co-operation between Wasu Group and PCCW demonstrates a win-win co-operation between Hong Kong’s leader in telecom and television delivery and Mainland’s pioneer in “triple-play” development. Aiming at jointly promoting the “triple-play” industry development, each of the two sides will give full play to its advantages and experience in technology and operation to promote “application-based and operation-oriented” technology development and integration, to explore new technology and operations, and to share the results of operational industry chain, setting an example of technology co-operation between Mainland and Hong Kong.

Going forward, the two sides will finalize their technology co-operation projects and implementation plans as soon as possible, and will officially commence their technology co-operation within a month.