Latens Unveils Dual CAS at ANGA Cable Show 2010

Thursday, April 29th, 2010
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Latens revolutionary Dual CAS feature removes operators reliance on a single CAS vendor and enables them to secure and easily move set-top boxes from one CAS system to another

COLOGNE, Germany — 4-6 May 2010, Stand B44 – Latens, the leading provider of software-based conditional access and middleware for Pay TV, has announced the launch of the latest feature of its content protection software Dual CAS at the ANGA Cable Show. Dual CAS is revolutionary in that it allows the operator to move set-top boxes from one CAS solution to another and in doing so puts power in the hands of the operator by removing reliance on a single CAS vendor.

Latens Dual CAS enables operators to provision a single STB on one of multiple CAS systems even after the box has been deployed in the network. The operator will no longer be locked into one vendor – nor have STB’s tied to a single CAS vendor. With Dual CAS the operator controls the STB, reducing his costs, enabling greater competition in innovation and features from his CAS vendor and improving security.

Latens are leading the way with this unique product innovation, which has been released close on the heels of CAS5. CAS5 is the only CAS solution that will protect content across networks, Cable, IP, DTH, DTT, be it one way, two way or hybrid from a single head end.

The benefits that Latens CAS solutions bring are significant. With CAS5, any operator running a Hybrid network need only invest in one head end to manage the same CAS for multiple network types. As well as saving costs in reducing the number of head ends needed, operators are also reducing the complexity of their head ends and the integration into their business and operational systems.

“Dual CAS is another unique product innovation from Latens which puts the control of CAS in the hands of the operator by removing single vendor reliance. Established operators with existing CAS relationships will now be able to take the next step in securing their networks,” said Jason Rogers, CTO of Latens. “With Dual CAS it is easier for operators to deploy new features on set-top boxes on their network by leveraging dual suppliers and switching STB’s between vendors when they chose to.”

As with previous Latens CAS software, the cardless solution ensures content on multiple devices is protected, be it PC, mobile device or multiple STB’s within the home.