Daktel subscribers to enjoy cutting-edge IPTV experiences

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Service provider one of the first in the U.S. to deploy Nokia Siemens Networks’ new IPTV platform

CARRINGTON, North Dakota, United States — Daktel Communications can now create personalized and more intuitive video viewing experiences for its subscribers. The service provider has completed the upgrade to Nokia Siemens Networks’ next-generation IPTV platform, enabling high-quality video services, including advanced personal video recording (PVR), as well as on-demand and interactive content.

“Today’s subscribers require higher-quality television experiences and content that is for their individual interests,” said Keith Larson, chief executive officer of Daktel. “With its support for high-quality video services and an open environment for application development, Nokia Siemens Networks’ platform allows us to satisfy our customers’ needs for digital entertainment.”

“The opportunities that our platform offers for revenue growth and personalized subscriber experiences will allow Daktel to protect and grow its business, reaffirming its position as one of North America’s most cutting-edge telecommunications companies,” said Jouni Welander, head of IPTV for Nokia Siemens Networks in North America. “We’re looking forward to serving Daktel’s customers with new home entertainment services like never before.”

The Nokia Siemens Networks platform will allow subscribers to enjoy a richer media experience for information and entertainment, including widgets (specialized, small applications), Internet content and video, social networking, sports scores, localized weather, advertising and other third-party applications and services.

The new platform includes an enhanced version of Nokia Siemens Networks’ award-winning interactive applications toolkit based on Interactive Markup Language (IML). The open platform facilitates faster development of applications around the TV stream and greater flexibility in user interface customization. This leads the way to an open environment for applications in the media market, freeing operators to partner with developers and create competitive advantages quickly, without being bound to any one vendor’s roadmaps.