Entropic Communications Channel Stacking Switch Chosen By MTI For Italy

Monday, July 26th, 2010
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Low-Noise Block Solution to Cost-Effectively Deliver a Single-Cable Network for Multiple Set-Top Boxes and Tuners

SAN DIEGO — Entropic Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:ENTR), a leading provider of silicon and software solutions to enable connected home entertainment, today announced that its Channel Stacking Switch (CSS) technology has been selected by Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) to power its low-noise block (LNB) offering, the AK541-XT2, currently being deployed by a major Italian satellite service provider. Entropic’s CSS technology creates a single cable network which reduces installation complexity, allows for remote upgrades, supports the distribution of high definition (HD) quality content, and prepares operator systems for future expansion in their home networking strategies.

In traditional single-family home (SFH) digital broadcast satellite (DBS) installations, a unique cable needs to be run from the LNB to each tuner in the house. For example, a personal video recorder (PVR) set-top box (STB) which has two tuners, requires two cables to be run to the STB. To support two PVRs, four cables are required. The CSS single-cable technology from Entropic enables the DBS installation to use the existing cable structure of a single cable run with splitters to branch into the various rooms where the STBs are located. A PVR, or even two PVRs, using a CSS LNB only need one cable to feed them.

Entropic’s single cable implementation reduces overall system and upgrade costs versus traditional DBS installations for the service provider. The single cable architecture simplifies installation, improves aesthetics, and delivers a more reliable system that improves the customer experience–which ultimately results in less churn, and allows for future home networking solutions to be seamlessly implemented.

With the new four-channel LNB, a DBS operator can support multiple STBs and tuners off a single cable, including 2x PVR STBs, 4x single tuner STBs, or any combination of four total tuners. This capability, supported by CSS technology, helps the operator to lower their subscriber acquisition cost (SAC) by lowering equipment and installation costs, and increase annual revenue per user (ARPU), by offering advanced commercial services, such as video on demand (VOD) and whole home networking.

“MTI continues to be a leader in developing Entropic CSS single-cable solutions for the world’s leading European DBS operators,” said Eugene Wu, business head satellite and mobile division, MTI. “The relationship between MTI and Entropic spans several generations of products; the latest of which is ideally suited for European operator deployments.”
The LNB utilizes Entropic’s RF5219 CSS solution, which offers up to 40 percent lower power consumption over previous generations. The integrated circuit (IC) is designed to support up to six stacked channels on a single cable per STB. As many as 12 channels can be supported with the additional implementation of a power inserter. Other Entropic CSS IC solutions can provide up to 12 stacked channels.

“This latest design win demonstrates the value Entropic delivers to leading DBS operators around the world,” said Vinay Gokhale, senior vice president, Marketing and Business Development, Entropic. “Entropic has a very synergistic relationship with MTI and satellite service providers worldwide. We are excited that our products continue to enable major satellite service providers and their customers to take advantage of the benefits of CSS single cable installations.”


The MTI LNB, the AK541-XT2, is in production today and available to the Italian and European market through authorized distributors. The Entropic RF5219 family of CSS solutions are also in production and available for LNB and switch designs today.