ANT Announces First Industry Standard for TV Content Application Development

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Rich Media Access Interface (RMAI) puts operators back in control of their media content

LONDON — ANT Software Limited, a leading provider of software solutions and services for delivering digital media content to any consumer device, across any media distribution platform, has today launched the industry’s first standard for TV content application development. Rich Media Access Interface (RMAI) eliminates the need for discrete versions of a TV application to be produced for different client devices. RMAI is wholly based on open standards enabling operators to build and deliver new, innovative services to market easily and quickly.

Previously, content developers had to tailor their TV applications to each hardware platform. This made it difficult for operators and device manufacturers to quickly bring new TV services to market, and meant that applications were substantially tied into client devices or they had to redesign their entire library of applications. RMAI enables operators and developers to create just one version of a TV application, significantly reducing the time to build and deliver new and innovative services to market.

In the long term, the standard will allow more flexibility in the types of devices on which TV services can be delivered, whilst benefiting from a simplified and painless integration process. Simon Woodward, CEO of ANT Plc, said: “Unlike some other industry players, we believe that open standards are the only viable way to be innovative in TV and develop value added services for consumers. We’re spearheading the first industry standard for content application development as we believe that the media content owner should be completely in control of the presentation of its brand and service value. Using RMAI, operators can take control of the delivery of their TV services.”